10 Daily Habits That Are Ruining Your Productivity

Keeping your productivity levels high and staying efficient all the time is a tough row to hoe! We all are hustling to keep our modern lifestyle on point and manage our day to day needs. Taking care of our productivity and efficiency is surely a difficult task because all the distractions are just a click away. Dealing with distractions, especially the digital ones, eventually sabotage our productivity and deplete our power to psych ourselves up for hectic work hours.

Taking care of our productivity might sound like a daunting task, but all it requires is a little awareness and some shifts in everyday habits. People should be capable enough to study their everyday patterns, identify the loopholes that are damaging their efficiency, and replace them with good habits.

In this blog, we are revealing some common habits that are ruining your productivity and discussing some best practices that you can employ in your everyday routine to make your productivity game on point:

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Habit No.1: Taking too much time on a small task

Some people are very particular about things and how to get their tasks done. Due to this habit, they put in more hours on one task and miss out on the other important tasks. Though taking some time in evaluation is required to get things done properly, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid other important things.

There is no point in investing all your time in a single task. You should learn to complete things in less time and move onto something else to stay efficient and productive. No need to harp on the situation when unable to finish any task on time. Take a break to get refocused. Make a to-do-list to streamline your work and get better clarity. Focus on completing pending tasks first before jumping to the new projects.

Habit No.2: Wasting Too Much Time In Planning

It is good to start with a foolproof plan, but only focusing on creating a ‘perfect plan’ is sheer damage to your productivity. People often spend hours making the best possible work plans and not lay much emphasis on the execution part. If you are relating to this point, then it’s time to stop!

Just like planning is important, timely implementation of these plans is also important. Instead of waiting hours in planning, start taking action for the things. Finish your agendas timely to stay on track. Even if you come across some unforeseen situations or changes in the plan, you will have a decent amount of time in hand to complete the same.

Habit No.3: Focussing on Unproductive Entertainment

The reason why we are easily distracted is that we spend too much time on social media. Our constant urge to track new things and keep ourselves entertained makes us distracted easily and decrease our productivity. You intend to take a 5-minute break from your work and spend some time on social media.

But social media is so addictive that you end up spending more than an hour and fail to keep your productivity game on point. It is a common way to lose the track of time and provide no value addition in your life. You can indulge yourself in something productive.

For example, you can play skill-based games like poker games to improve your concentration and observation skills, increase your ability to focus on relevant information, and eliminate irrelevant data.

Habit No.4: Sitting at a work desk for hours

To maintain your productivity levels and prepare yourself for mentally tiring long work hours, you should take breaks in between and give yourself time to recalibrate your sense. Avoid sitting at the work desk for long hours. It will not only take a toll on your mental health but also tire you physically.

Ask yourself the last time you took a nice break? Your washroom breaks or social media doesn’t count! Focus on taking non-work breaks and catch up with your impulses. Leave your workstation for a while to listen to your favorite music, do some stretching exercise, or play online strategy games.

Habit No.5: Working in Messy Environments

To take your efficiency to new heights, decluttering your work environments is a crucial aspect. Figure out what items you need for your daily, weekly, and monthly use. The items which you use less frequently can be kept at a distance.

For instance – you can keep them in cabinets, drawers, or pedestals. Dispose of the extra work-related documents and papers which you no longer need. You can use separate organizers or trays to store those documents and papers which you need on a regular basis. Use sticky notes, folders, and color codes to categorize things nicely.

Also, make sure that your workstation is in a peaceful environment. Any sort of distraction can hamper your productivity. Before you start working on something important, turn off all the distractions, and work with no disturbances around.

Habit No.6: Skipping Meals Regularly

If you are consuming a balanced diet or skipping your meals regularly to get an important task done, you are probably disabling yourself to unleash your true productivity power. Skipping or delaying your meals to complete an important project is never a good idea. It slows down your metabolism and results in weight gain. It forces your body to go into survival mode and results in unhealthy food cravings.

Rather than skipping meals, eat small meal portions throughout the day. Always have some healthy snacking options around you like nuts, oats biscuits, granola bars, or yogurt. Focus on snacks that are high in essential vitamins, protein, and fiber. If possible, plan your meals in advance.

Be responsible for your health and your meal breaks. No matter how busy or occupied you are, leave your workstation for your meal breaks.

Habit No.7: Checking Phone Constantly

In the era of communication, we have this fear of staying updated all the time. What will happen if we miss out on any important communication? This fear makes us check our phones every two minutes. Checking phones or emails repeatedly is somewhere connected with high-stress levels and a lack of productivity.

We are not saying that you should not stay updated, but it should not take a toll on your productivity and efficiency. When working on a crucial project, log out of email programs or your social media handles. The whole objective is to limit your phone checking time and pay attention to productive things.

Habit No.8: Not Learning New Skills

To survive in the modern era, we need to stay updated all the time and timely develop or hone our skills. Achieving your long-term goals is much easier when you learn new things or techniques. There is no need to focus on advanced skills. You can start with simple skills such as increasing your typing speed, learning to use online spreadsheets and excels, photo and video editing skills, and much more. Make small targets to achieve success in long-term goals.

To hone your real-life skills, you can download skill-based game apps to play poker or 3 Patti play online. It is said that card games not only improves your efficiency, but also polishes your daily skills such as observation skills, analytical skills, decision-making skills, and reasoning skills. So play interesting games to keep your productivity game on track!

Habit No.9: Forcing Yourself To Use An Unrealistic Productivity App

Are you one of those who try different productivity apps and still struggle? You tend to find apps that are top-rated on the play store but you are finding them difficult to use. There are hundreds of apps for you to download and try, but you should also find one that is easy to use and effective for you.

You can also make a to-do list for your day and stay dedicated to complete your tasks on time. No matter whether you are downloading a poker app with the best poker deposit offers or a productivity app to fulfill your daily needs, you have to figure out what is best for you and not blindly follow the reviews and ratings.

Habit No.10: Poor Time Management

The most valuable asset we have is – time. Poor time management can induce negativity in how you perceive and complete your tasks. If you want to achieve success in your career, you should plan your day beforehand, prioritize your regular tasks, and work on your time management.

Figure out which is the most productive time of the day and align your tasks at that time. Some people prefer completing their important tasks in the morning, while some prefer evening time.

Which bad productivity habits are you most interested in leaving behind? What are you going to do to change things? Leave a comment below.

As we have discussed some of the common bad habits that affect your productivity, it’s time to rectify the same and bring a positive transformation in life.

Figure out how you want to deal with each habit and boost your productivity.

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