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Yet another gruelling month long trip to the desert has come to an end. It was way better than the last year tough because last year I made zero cashes. This year I made 4-5 cashes but most importantly I had 2 very legit shots at gold but alas i failed to convert finally finishing 45th/11XX players in the 3k WSOP event and 14th/43XX players in the 1k One Drop WSOP Event.

This year we had the biggest ever Indian contingent at Vegas. We tried our best to get that bracelet, but still Indian players made a lot of awesome runs at WSOP 2016. The most fun part was that we were all super good friends, so it was like one huge crazy group chilling, playing, partying etc together.

This summer Romit Advani, Kunal Patni and I shared an apartment and would like to complement Kunal Patni for being the best room partner ever I can get. He did all the bookings for us, I would probably call ourselves as the lazy lethargic fellows. Kunal used to wake me up if I had to attend the upcoming day 2 or day 3, made tea for me and even stand across the railing to support me during the tournament no matter how exhausted he was. There are just so many things about him that I just can’t write it all here but bottom line is that he is the FKN man. Thank You Chatni.

And my other room mate Romit Advani is my childhood friend but he is like an ‘excess baggage’. On Event Day 2, I and Kunal were busy waking him up for 2 hours so that he can reach there on time. He used to sleep exactly one hour before it was our time to wake up. then he would wake up in the evening like a king, play some cash games and then drag us out to party in the night because he was fresh as fk lol.

Our dismal experience of last year, we decided not to stay at Rio and that’s probably what made the trip so good and so much fun. Few of you might have read my last year’s blog at this same time about WSOP. That trip was a super negative one for Indians because of 30% tax high rake high buy-ins, big fields and huge variance super high travelling cost. Once and again, my view point was proven right this year as you all must have seen or heard that each and every tournament saw a deep runs by an Indian and multiple Indians in some but still you won’t believe that none of us made money overall for the trip.

I was lucky enough along with couple others to break even for the trip as rest of my friends lost a lot of money even after having 7-8 cashes+ for the trip which is quite ridiculous. One more thing that I would like to address here is for people planning trips like this one is health. I genuinely believe my 14th place finish in the last MTT of the summer was because of lack of physical and mental fitness. Towards the last 2-3 levels of Day 3 of that MTT, I actually had to get up and take a walk after folding every hand because my stomach was upset and my back was hurting immensely. That is, after playing intense poker for 12-13 hrs a day almost every day for a month anyone is bound to get fucked up especially if you are as unhealthy as me.
Thus, being fit and healthy is really important in order to make optimal decisions throughout the day till the last hand is dealt everyday over a period of 6 weeks.

I would like to thank Adda52 for sponsoring my trip and hence giving me a chance to hunt for gold. On behalf of Adda52 and myself, I would like to invite the poker community for the DELTIN POKER TOURNAMENT (DPT Aug’16). Many of you who participated in the inaugural edition of DPT already know that the guarantees and structures provided were probably land marks.

The schedule is already out. Hope to see you guys there and if you have any questions feel free to ping me I will be happy to help.

Lastly but most importantly, I would like to thank the Indian poker community for all the support they provided when we were playing at Vegas. It really does motivate and help a lot when we see this kind of support back home.

May God Bless You All.

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