4 Ways to Get a Better Job

How many of you like what you do for a living? How many of you are satisfied with your jobs? Most people are always in a dilemma when it comes to their jobs! On some days, they like it while on the other days, they never feel like going back to their office. You can say that many people share a love-hate relationship with their jobs. A lot of people indulge in some rewarding and productive things in between their job so they do not get bored with their work. For example, many people learn about various basic concepts of certain games and they pursue them in their free time. Suppose they start playing poker online in their free time, so they learn about various playing card names and other important pointers of the game before indulging themselves.

Apart from playing, people also indulge in other hobbies to keep their work-life interesting. This is just one case, in other cases, people just do not like their jobs and want to switch as soon as possible. However, with a lot of changes and due to so many restrictions and uncertainties, changing jobs is not that easy! It is so difficult to get a new job that people find it easier to adapt to their existing job which they do not like at all. Moreover, even if they find a new job, they are not satisfied because they eventually realize that it was worse than their previous job. People can be dissatisfied with their jobs due to multiple reasons. For example, they might not like the work atmosphere, they might not be able to adjust to the nature of work, or they might not be okay with the work timings, etc. In any case, when people are not satisfied with their current job, they start looking for a better job. However, chances are that they might end up in a more dissatisfactory job situation. Therefore, here’s a list of certain tips and tricks to find a better job in a hassle-free manner.

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  1. Find other ways to earn rewards and cash prizes – You should not solely be dependent on your job for money and other cash rewards. You can also look for ways to earn your passive income so even if you decide to take a break for some time, you are not completely helpless and you still have a fallback option. You can even play real money games that require the usage of wit, skills, and mind. Such games include poker, rummy, online chess, etc. These games are often very rewarding and also help to boost confidence levels and gain other amazing skills. Apart from this, you can even indulge in some jobs that are on a contractual basis so you can earn a few bucks every month for a decent living.
  2. Enhance your skills – In order to bag a better job, you must enhance your skills because your candidature must stand out. If you have certain additional skills, you will have a great answer to the most popular question of the interviewers – “Why should we hire you?”. You can enhance your skills by enrolling yourself in some amazing and learning-driven courses on multiple educational platforms. For example, enhancing your communication skills will always be good for you because it is required in every field. Thus, if you are lost or confused as to which skills you must focus on enhancing, you can even go for some general skills that are important in every sphere of life or career. As discussed above, you can even enhance your skills by indulging in some online gaming. And the good news is that it is so rewarding that once you start playing, you will even gain many poker bonus offers as well!
  3. Accept and let go – When you are working in the corporate sector, you must accept that liking or disliking your job is a part of it. When you decide on taking up a job, such challenges definitely come with it. Therefore, in such times, it is important to apply your wisdom and learns how to accept this truth and move on. When you keep holding on to your dissatisfaction with having a below-average job (which does not suit you well), you are unable to take appropriate actions to change the situation. So, it is important to let go of your negative emotions associated with your current job in order to be enthusiastic and positive about your future job. Moreover, it is also important to accept that you cannot get all the jobs you want and it is completely okay to get rejected. Thus, do not be hard on yourself if you are not able to bag your dream job… you will achieve more such “dream jobs” in the future if you set better and clearer goals.
  4. Work on your body language – When you are applying for a new job, how you conduct yourself is one of the most significant factors. In such cases, your body language plays a huge role. It is not always about what you say, it is also about what you show, act or do. Your body language includes eye contact, hand gestures, even the movement of your head, etc. If you want to make your interviewer believe that you really want the job, you must work on reading other people in a better manner and also on bettering your own body language. If you know a few things about playing poker (poker ranking, dead man’s hand, or other basic concepts), you will realize how useful it can be to improve your body language. We must understand that non-verbal cues are equally as important as verbal ones!

Summing up

Work is important and loving your work is even more important if you want to sustain your job. Ever heard of the quote – “If you are doing what you love, you will not work for even a single day of your life”? We should not attach a negative connotation to work because it can be fun, productive, and happy too… you just need to find a better job and by better, we mean the kind of job that fits you and that you like more. Happy job hunting!

Bhupendra Chahar
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