5 Card Stud Best Flush Poker

This is the game that requires its players to rethink their poker strategies; because in this game you can only win with a flush. The objective of the game is clearly stated in its name, 5 Card Stud Best Flush Poker. The players are dealt all cards just like in regular stud.

After the ante, the dealer gives out one pocket card and one face up card to each player. Players bet on their cards and afterwards are dealt the next card face up. The next card is played and the betting continues. This pattern of play continues until all players left in the game have five cards. The showdown is ready to begin after the last round of betting is complete.

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The flush rankings are as follows:
A straight flush- is the highest possible flush
Any five – five cards of the same suit
4 card – any four of the same suit
3 card – any 3 of the same suit
2 card – any 2 of the same suit

Is it possible that no one wins the pot?
Yes, this is quite possible, since it is entirely possible that no flush will be made. If no one has a flush then the play resorts to normal hand rankings as stated in 5 card stud rules. And kickers will make a big difference in the outcome of the game.

One can find a good way to increase the amount of the pot in this game, as there could be quite obvious possibilities in the game that no one could come up with a flush for several rounds.


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