5 Things You Should Check Before Using Online Money Earning Platforms

Everyone wants to earn quick money, and with more people indulging in online platforms to earn, it makes it easy for them to fall into a fraudulent trap. Here are 5 things to always check before investing in online money making platforms.

  1. Application Permissions: Always check for the permissions asked by every application you download. If it asks for anything irrelevant to the application’s functioning, turn off the access of whatever seems unnecessary.


  1. Winning probability: In any application that offers to play games to win prizes, always check for the probability of winning (in a game of chance) for it could have algorithms specially designed to not let you win.
  2. Secure Payment Gateway: Applications that require you to add money to your in-app account should be always thoroughly checked for a safe payment gateway, to prevent the leakage of sensitive information.
  3. Website/Application History: Your time is precious, don’t spend it on fake websites/applications. Before investing in any such platforms, run a rigorous background check.
  4. Offers & Freebies: Look for genuine platforms that provide you with free stuff to start off with. For instance,  poker sites with signup bonus in India. Because, who does not want free stuff, eh?

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