7 Card Stud Baseball Poker Card Game

This is a variant that is practically identical to the parent game, 7 Card Stud Poker. The threes and nines are wild cards and can be substituted for any other cards. Also, if you get a four turned face up, you get another card face down. This gives you more opportunities to create a big hand while playing 7 card stud.

The player showing the lowest face up card makes the first bet, this is called the “bring in bet”. The ante for the 7 Card Stud Baseball Poker Card Game is generally the standard bet while the “bring in bet” is determined by the table stakes. Players can call, raise or check, whatever is appropriate. Unless you have the worse cards, you should wait to consider folding later on.

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The second round of betting is called the 4th street. The cards are dealt face up and the player with the highest cards starts the betting. If someone “raises” the bet to Rs.500 then all other bets have to be increased to Rs.500. The next rounds, 5th and 6th street, are played exactly the same way except that the bet starts at exactly the same level that of the last betting round.

This brings us to the 7th street; here the card is dealt face down and the players can now begin to put together the best hand possible from all cards they have received. Here, the betting is fierce and all the players need to pull up their socks. This is followed by the showdown and the player with the best hand wins.


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