7 Card Stud English Stud Poker Card Game

English stud poker is a mix of a couple of other variations. People in every country of the world today are playing some version of poker and Stud. English Stud Poker is the game that combines Stud & Draw poker in one game.

The English like to play a good game of Poker just as much as their American counterparts. This game is indeed very similar to a standard Poker game with only a few minor additions that make it very unique. If you are a fan of stud and draw poker, you will find this game simply delightful “old chap”.

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How to Play 7 Card English Stud Poker & its Rules
This game accommodates only about 6 players, when you learn the twist you will understand why.

Dealer shuffles and deals two cards face down and one face up to all players. The players assess their cards and the betting begins with the person who has the card of the highest value. Another card is dealt after the betting is ended, the players bet again. When this is done another card is also dealt face up. Betting is always started by the player with the best hand showing.

Now, all players can chose one card either face down or face up to discard. If the card is face down the dealer gives the player one face down card and if it is up the dealer gives the card face up. One more card is now dealt to each remaining player. Betting takes place, it is generally quite vigorous to bet at this point in the game.

The game is now at the wire end, the seventh face down card is dealt. The players make the best five of seven poker hand and betting takes place. The players that are left after this will have the showdown. The player with the best poker hand wins the pot.

As you can see, 7 Card Stud English Stud Poker is definitely not a game for beginners. You might have to play a few rounds without monetary value just to get a feel for the game.


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