7 Card Stud Fourplay Poker

7 Card Stud is one of the most popular variants of poker; it has been around for a very long time. Stud is a high card game. More winning hands are decided by the highest pair or two pair than by any other hand rankings. If you are new to stud just remember that if you are holding any high ranking cards & you are looking to make it turn into a high pair hand, but your cards are beaten by what you can see on the boards; it is time to fold. One of the best strategies for any game of stud poker is to slow play a draw hand to keep others playing long enough for you to hit. It is all about knowing when to fold.

How to play and rules of 7 card stud four play

7 Card Stud Four Play Poker is a popular variant of the regular 7 card stud game. The game is generally played between 3 and 10 players. The biggest difference between four play and regular stud is the use of wild cards. They really make a game more interesting and you can make bigger and better hands with these new additions. This is one of the most popular variants of 7 Card Stud among American players.

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As the name suggests, all fours are the wild cards. These can be used instead of any other card, taking on its value. If you have an ace and a 4 you can actually call it two aces.  This is a winning hand. With the addition of four wild cards, big hands are the norm for this game, and so are the large pots.

7 card stud’s wild cards makes the pairs less of a threat to those holding draw hands for full houses, flushes and straights.  When playing this game you have to change your game strategy to encompass the new odds. The value of the normal succession of starting hands takes a huge hit with the addition of wild cards. Bluffing is a better gamble since you could have wild cards as your hole cards.

Here, standard stud poker rules apply; the only exception is the use of the wild cards. This fun and exciting game can also break a bankroll if you indulge in careless bidding.


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