7 Card Stud Russian Revolution Poker

Russian Revolution Poker Rules are similar to other 7 cards stud poker variants and the game play remains largely the same as stud. The differences in Russian Revolution are that all the wild cards are red. The game is based on the history of Russia; the revolution that took place in 1917. Below are the wild cards that you play in this game.

1) Red Aces
2) Red Nines
3) Red Sevens

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The 7 Card Stud Russian Revolution Poker Game is dealt in a similar way as in 7 card stud poker apart from the fact that wild cards are red. Players are dealt 2 cards face down, 4 cards up and then a final down card. The other difference is that the Royal cards cannot be shown in your up cards if you have the option to buy different cards or to fold the hand. The third difference is that you can use wild cards as a substitute for other cards, if you have a king of spades and a wild, you can use it as two kings of spades.

This is a gambling game and the standard betting rules apply. There is ante but since all of the hold cards are down, the button is used to decide the order of betting. This is generally started to the left of the dealer and moves clockwise. There is betting after each card is turned and at the end of the game, there is a showdown.


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