7 Card Stud San Francisco Poker Card Game

Stud poker was the most popular poker game until the recent rise of Texas Holdem. Most of the movies based on American Frontier depict Poker Games being played by the actors. This depiction is generally Stud Poker. All the players receive 7 cards, the first three cards are face down while the fourth is face up; the person having the lowest card starts the betting. The next 3 cards are also face up and you bet in each round. The final card is the “down and dirty” card. The players then decide which five will make up their hand and bet on the hands strength. After the betting, there is a showdown and the best hand/hands win the pot.

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7 Card Stud San Francisco is a game that gets its name because of the nature of the card play. It is a 7 Card Stud game in which the queens are wild and straights don’t count. Need to say anything more? The normal rules apply and the game play is exactly the same as the parent game except that the wild cards can be used to make hands with the value of another card.

There are two versions of the game, Hi and Low. In the Hi game it is the highest heart that will get a share of the winning pot, and the opposite is that in the Low game, it is the deuce of hearts. Ace is only played as a high card in this game. Having both is a great way to end a round, you get the entire pot.

You can now easily imagine that the game play is quiet aggressive. Even a person who has no chance of winning the hand can have a stake in the pot by virtue of the high or low card. This often leads them to keep on betting and drive the pot higher so they too can have a chance of winning more.

7 Card Stud San Francisco is a game where a lot of bluffing takes place, with wild cards creating more chances of winning.


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