8 Ways You Can Improve Yourself Every Day

It is not wrong to want to change – it only means you want to become a better version of yourself. It also means that you want to grow in life and achieve big milestones. There is so much you can do to improve yourself a little each day. However, one important factor here is to maintain consistency in the whole process. If you are not consistent with practicing self-improvement, you might end up getting all confused, disheartened, and messed up.

Moreover, when we say “self-improvement”, it does not just mean physical self but also includes mental and emotional aspects of self. Only when you take care of both physical and mental aspects can you truly and holistically succeed in this self-improvement process. But do not forget that it is a rather difficult process and needs a lot of determination and persistence.

You might not realize it instantly but some transformation in even the smallest things in your routine can significantly help you groom yourself. For example, reading for just 10 minutes every day, listening to engaging podcasts, even playing online multiplayer games for a few minutes, or listening to calm music, etc.

Improving yourself is underrated. People conveniently assume that it is okay to just be yourself and accept yourself as you are but that is not right. One of the major aspects of improving yourself is changing your perspective towards a lot of things.

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Even though improving yourself can change your life upside down for good, the real question is how to improve yourself in the first place?

There are plenty of self-help books available online that can tell you how to work on yourself and you can even consult life coaches to help you become a better version of yourself. However, unless you yourself experience each and every step of this process you will not be able to make the most of your transition. This self-betterment process involves various steps and actions at all times. Even the way you breathe defines your mood and personality.

All said and done, let’s now learn various ways in which we can improve ourselves and become better each day-

1- The attitude of gratitude – They say that even if throughout your life you can say only one prayer, just saying thank you is enough. When you express your gratitude for even the smallest gifts of life, you are only multiplying your rewards. Moreover, being grateful is also a way to remind yourself about all the great things you have which you sometimes take for granted. This act boosts your morale, makes you happy, and ultimately eliminates your stress levels.

2- Learn a new thing every day – Whether it is one word or just a part of a new language or even an activity as basic as tying your shoelace effectively, learning something new will always take you a long way. This is because it always expands your knowledge and there is no such thing as too much knowledge. Learning new things every day also gives you the confidence to meet new people and talk about almost anything under the sun.

3- Enhance your skills – In today’s time, it has become extremely important to become a jack of all trades. You will be able to grow only if you keep upskilling yourself. You do not know when and what ways your new skill can help you in life and in your career. You can enhance your skills by taking up various courses. Moreover, if you want to get a hands-on experience of how to enhance your skills, you can indulge in various practical activities such as playing outdoor sports, dancing, singing, or even playing online games. In fact, speaking of online gaming, there are so many real money poker apps for Android that will not just enhance your skills from the comfort of your home but will also help you earn while you learn.

4- Practice the skill of empathy – Empathy is an underrated yet one of the most important skills one requires in order to grow in life. Empathy basically means when you put yourself in another’s shoes and try to feel what the other person is feeling. When you empathize with people around you, you automatically become a kinder and a better person. You become more sensitive towards others, yourself, and the whole world.

5- Mental and physical workout – If you want your body and mind to stay energized you must indulge in some exercise every day. When we think of exercise, it is not just a physical activity but also the exercise of the brain or mind. Physical exercise includes working out, going for a walk, doing some yoga, picking up light weights, etc. And mental exercise includes challenging your mind in some way or the other every day either by solving a puzzle or by playing some quiz, etc. When you indulge in mental and physical work out on a regular basis, you feel good about yourself and consequently feel motivated to grow and work on yourself every day.

6- Confront your fears – The best way to overcome your fear is to confront it. If you want to flourish in life, you simply cannot live in fear. Fear is just a manifestation of your mind which multiplies if you give attention to it. If someone has a fear of public speaking it will go away only if he or she will gather some courage and speak in front of the public. That is the only way he or she will be able to overcome his or her fear. When you confront your fears, you get a certain sense of achievement and confidence to deal with any uncertainty or problem in life.

7- Take care of your diet – When you eat healthily, you act and think healthy too. Yes, it is that simple! Your food and the way you perceive yourself are directly related to each other. They say you are what you eat because what you consume in your body ultimately has a huge effect on your mind. If you want to take care of yourself, first monitor what you eat. Only when you eat right will you be able to think right. Therefore, healthy eating is extremely important if you want to improve yourself in life. That being said, staying hydrated every day is equally important and is also a significant part of a healthy diet. If you are eating right but are not drinking enough water, you will still not be able to take care of yourself properly.

8- Understand the facts of life – If you want to grow you must understand that life offers both bad days and good days. If you enjoy the things that make you happy you must also endure the days or things that make you suffer. Life is like a combination of seasons – when Winter comes spring is not far behind and vice versa. When you are attempting to become a better version of yourself you must not forget that there will be days when you will want to quit but keeping in mind that this too shall pass you must keep going on. Understanding that life is not just about enjoying or having fun but is also about challenges and problems, and realizing how to overcome those problems is what makes us better and more aware human beings.

Improving in life is not easy, it comes with a lot of challenges. But the first step towards it is to become aware that you must strive to always grow and become a better version of yourself. There is no harm in changing yourself or changing a few things about yourself when you know that ultimately, they are going to make you a better human being. “You should not change yourself” is the biggest myth ever because we all know that change is the only constant in life and change is what keeps us going.

We all must strive to improve in our careers, relationships, and life in general so we can lead a better and happier life. Even though the ways to improve your life are simple, they are not easy to follow. What is even more difficult is to follow them consistently. Becoming a better version of yourself is not just needed but it is also very rewarding. For example, when you play games online you also enhance a lot of your skills such as concentration skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. But apart from that some of the best money earning games also offer skill-building in return. Isn’t it like a win-win situation for you? You can have fun and even earn while learning and growing in life. Thus, improving yourself is not all work and no play in fact it can be fun and can be a memorable experience if you do it the right way. The harder you work to improve yourself, the sweeter fruits you will get.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep grooming, and keep improving!

Bhupendra Chahar
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