Adda52 Advantage – The Loyalty Reward Program

Become a member of Adda52 Advantage – the most lucrative loyalty program ever offered by an Indian Poker site – and win BREATHTAKING rewards every week.

Adda52 Advantage Club Levels (from lowest to highest)

  • Rookie Club
  • Jacks Den
  • Queens Haven
  • Kings Court
  • Acers Adda


You can claim payoff (cashback) in the form of real cash or crowns. The more you play, the higher club level you reach and the more PGP (Poker Game Points) you earn. Using these points, you can claim up to 60% cashback every week.

PGP = wagered amount x rake % x 10%

To move a level up at the club level, you need to collect a specific number of points within a month.

ClubsPGPs required to level up
Rookie Club500
Jacks Den 13500
Queens Haven60000
Kings Court100000
Acers AddaNA

CRATES (Additional rewards)

At each level, you find locked crates. You need to unlock these crates by completing the challenges such as playing a specific number of hands and streaks (play 25 post-flop hands at the ring game table for ‘x’ number of days consecutively). Every crate offers you ‘crowns’ that you can redeem to win mind-blowing rewards.


Crowns are reward points that can be redeemed to win –

  • Tournament Tickets
  • Instant Bonuses
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Travel Packages
  • Luxury cars and bikes

Be a part of the high-octane action at the Poker tables and take home fabulous real money prizes every day. JOIN NOW!


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