Goes Crazy for Poker

Something new has been launched for online poker lovers. A game that not only has crazy in its name but also has a crazy playing style. Yes! has recently launched a new online poker variant, namely, Crazy Pineapple, for poker enthusiasts in the country.

If you love to play Hold’em, you will definitely enjoy Crazy Pineapple as it is popularly known to be a twisted version of Texas Hold’em. Here is how you can play this action-packed crazy game. In this variant of poker, each player gets three hole cards to begin the game. During pre-flop, there is a compulsory small blind and a big blind, and the player to the left of the big blind has an option to call, fold or raise. The betting continues further clockwise around the table. As the actions get back to the big blind, the flop is dealt and now the players get an option to discard one of their three hole cards. Once discarded, this card will no longer be in play and another round of betting ensues. Further, the game continues as Texas Hold’em, that is, there is a betting round after a fourth card is put on the board and after the fifth card. Once all bets are complete, players use their remaining two cards along with the five cards on the board to make the best 5-card combination.

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Since you are now aware of how this game is played, it’s time to know the factor that makes this game so crazy. Crazy Pineapple provides players higher odds of creating some strong hands after seeing the flop, i.e., the game provides players with freedom of choice to discard the weakest card out of three hole cards dealt. This is the turning point in the game. After this point, you may either regret discarding your weakest card if the turn and river card go in favour of your discarded card or you may feel excited making the right ‘discarding card’ decision.

The current version of this crazy game available on has limited game options – one freeroll table and two real cash tables. The first table is a micro stake table with a buy-in range of Rs 50 – 200 and blinds of Rs 2/4 while the higher stakes table has the buy-in range of Rs 2,000 – Rs 6,000 with the blind of 25/50. So, gear up and get ready to experience the craziest version of poker at All you need to do is log in to the site and start playing Crazy Pineapple – Texas Hold’em with a Twist. has always been known for running varied online poker tournaments with the biggest prize pools and innovating online poker in India. The poker site now ranks as the fastest growing online poker brand in India with a player base of 7,00,000+ registered users.


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