Adda52 ‘Play for a Cause’ Initiative – It’s Time to Make a Difference

Times are tough and we all want to do our part in making a difference. It is really remarkable that so many people are doing their part, as a collective community, to make a positive impact in these times. People from all parts of the country are extending their helping hands for each other in these trying times so we can fight covid-19 together. The good news is that by the virtue of the Adda52 initiative ‘Play for a Cause’, now you can do it too and that too, straight from your homes. You can also create a space for everyone in which they can feel safer, healthier, and better. Moreover, now you can also experience the whole win-win situation in its truest and purest sense. It’s one thing to win but making others win is a different level of bliss and contentment. Let us explain how you can actually contribute to society in these times.

About the ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative

You might have wanted to contribute to providing covid care to people who are in dire need of it for a very long time but could not found a proper platform for it. But this time, you really can be an actual contributor – come play at Adda52 and become a part of its initiative in favor of Hemkunt Foundation and ACT Grants Foundation in providing help to those in need. Both these organizations are working extremely hard to aid India in overcoming the adverse effects of the pandemic by providing medical manpower, oxygen concentrators, vaccination support, etc.

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By participating in this initiative, you can be a Hero in real life because it is rightly said – not all superheroes wear capes, some just play to make others win! Play as much as you can from 17th to 23rd May because the more poker tournaments you play, the more everyone wins – confused? Let us explain it to you – Adda52 will be donating this week’s tournament revenue along with an additional equivalent amount to provide some covid-relief assistance to people who need it the most. So, this time, you will not just be playing for yourself, you will be playing to bring about change in society. And when you know that by playing more, you will be able to save more lives, will you not want to do that? In these unprecedented times, it is important to support each other at all times. We know it feels so difficult to fight the pandemic, but together we undoubtedly CAN. If now is not the time to support each other then when is?

Adda52 is giving us this generous opportunity to directly make an impact in people’s lives just by sitting at home. We just have to have the heart to do so – There’s nothing else we need! The more you play, the more you win – it is as simple as that. However, this time, “winning” has a lot greater meaning – it will be “winning” as a whole country together because this week, whether someone else wins or you win… the truth is that if you are playing, at the end of the day, WE ALL WILL WIN.


Bhupendra Chahar
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