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With the beginning of 2022, the programmatic advertising industry has experienced a meteoric rise over time along with swift adoption too. During the end of the year 2021, the expenditure for programmatic advertisements reached well over $150 billion – thereby constituting almost 70 per cent of all digital advertisement spending. Furthermore, market researchers believe that the programmatic advertising market will reach close to $300 billion by the year 2023.

So, what is programmatic advertising and how can it help online businesses to reach more audiences for playing Teen Patti with cash? Let’s find out.

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What Do You Mean By Programmatic Advertising?

In simple words, programmatic advertising is the utilisation of software for purchasing digital advertising. Compared to traditional advertising methods that include requests for tenders, proposals, negotiations and quotations, programmatic advertising utilises the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm for purchasing & selling online display space.

It should be known that programmatic advertising utilises online display targeting & traffic data for driving impressions at scale, leading to a better return for digital marketers. Programmatic advertising can also lead to better results for both small & medium-sized companies as well as global enterprises. Hence, there’s no reason to not use programmatic advertising just because your company is small.

What Features Do Programmatic Advertising Bring New To The Table Of Digital Marketing?

Firstly, programmatic advertising helps in reaching a broader audience for businesses. For instance, online poker websites can cater to more users playing online poker using programmatic advertising.

Secondly, programmatic advertising helps in increasing brand recognition as well as customer loyalty towards a particular business or enterprise. Furthermore, with the help of programmatic advertising, businesses can easily target & reach consumers based on their preferences.

And then there’s the advantage of reduced advertising spending with programmatic advertising. Since programmatic advertising is completely data-driven, businesses can get the most out of their budget. Ultimately, such a move leads to the optimisation of the digital marketing process. Moreover, programmatic advertising offers real-time statistics, so that you don’t run advertisements without a proper objective.

What Are The Primary Components Of Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising consists of the following set of main components:

  • Brands – The enterprises that are planning to reach their target audiences through their advertising messages.
  • Media Agencies – Brands connect with these vendor partners for programmatic advertising.
  • DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms) – The primary platforms that help agencies & advertisers to adjust their inventory and thereby adjust the bidding strategies in real-time.
  • Ad Exchanges – The primary platforms that are responsible for the selling & buying of programmatic advertisements.
  • SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms) – The primary platforms that are responsible for managing price points, identifying audience segments and facilitating sales.
  • Publishers – The enterprises that sell ad impressions on the apps, websites and platforms they own.
  • Audiences – The consumers who view the advertisements on the publishers’ apps and websites.

How To Set Up Programmatic Advertising?

1. Define The Objectives

To start things off, you need to first set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and then your creative strategy. KPIs help in indicating your performance goals like new target audience, brand awareness, increasing advertisement visibility, boosting the return on investment, lowering the advertising spend and so on.

You must set the ideal performance goals so that you can obtain the correct results. Moreover, don’t hesitate to explore various other advertisement protocols like video ads, banner ads, in-app ads and native ads.

2. Select Your DSP

The tool that you will be using for your programmatic advertising needs will highly impact the way you will be able to access your campaign analytical data & settings. Thus, it’s crucial to get your DSP selection correctly. Some of the top DSP tools are Amazon DSP, Media Math, Trade Desk and Adform.

3. Setting The Parameters Of Your Advertising Campaign

Your advertising campaign parameters will grossly define the budget as well as the length of your advertising campaign.

4. Create Your Strategy

With the help of user data, you will be able to target specific markets & clients. As a result, you’ll get more value out of the money that you will be spending for advertising purposes. Furthermore, you also need to define the options for targeting customers based on devices, operating systems and web browsers.

5. Set Up For Launch & Optimisation

Ensure that you’ve chosen or selected everything required to get the campaign running. And once your advertising campaign is live, you can then analyse the reports to further make changes and optimise the same.


There’s no doubt that businesses in 2022 have to utilise automated and innovative solutions to keep up with the competition and thereby maintain their relevance over time. Thus, when it comes to marketing for playing online poker with friends or any other online activity, programmatic advertising provides the best results for brand recognition and customer acquisition.

Over time programmatic advertising will evolve and thereby become a more viable tool in the realm of digital marketing.

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