Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain- On his Maiden WSOP experience

Hey Guys

Just getting ready for the Appt manila main event day 1A today which starts in 4 hours as I write this blog about my first ever Wsop experience.

Might be late by like a couple weeks to write this blog, but I hope I can make it up by putting up an informative and interesting read.

here we go

My first day in the USA was in Los Angeles staying at jasvens aunts house for a day coz we took a flight to LA and then we had some pending work there I was pretty excited that day coz it was my first visit to the states and i was feeling so thankful to poker coz it got me there and to take a shot at winning life-changing money almost everyday whilst I was there.

The first sight of the pavillion room at rio when u go to vegas gives u goosebumps it is so awesome …. that WELCOME TO THE WSOP sign makes u feel like u are dreaming hahaha coz we’ve seen all that in magazines and youtube so much its an experience which can just never be mentioned in words

but the hard truth is I had a disastrous trip I lost a lot of money and had zero cashes it was mentally,emotionally and financially the worst trip of my life

I ran really terrible and in some spots I didn’t play well either

I was overall pretty happy with how disciplined I was throughout those 23 days coz I really didn’t spend a lot of money in stuff other than poker and I ate well, slept well, saw videos almost everyday, took a 1 day break when required so yeah I am almost proud to say I didn’t disappoint myself

all these things I wrote above might seem really easy to do but believe me when you are there for a long period of time its really difficult to lead a balanced life style its very difficult but important to not jump into an event running elsewhere as soon as you bust a wsop event every single time coz u need ur break and its so tough not to degen hard on the casino floor ( I did spew some money at the floor but well within manageable limits)


the main event is something which every poker player should play at least once in their lifetime the feeling of just sitting to play the first hand is pretty damn awesome and atmosphere is completely different there are like thousands of people playing and all you can hear is the noise of chips ruffling

i busted the main event late on day 2 losing AK<JJ all in preflop sb<btn 22bb eff flop came out 235cc I had AK with a club but bricks followed pointless to say it was one of the most important flips and i have to accept a had a tear in my eye after busting the main event coz there is so much hype built around that event and its obviously not just life-changing money if u win its generations changing money lol …. I snap went to my room and slept for I dunno how many hours, but I was fine after that

ok this is probably the most important part of the blog ‘my advice to anyone planning on wsop’

ill be really honest I’m not sure how good or profitable doing the wsop is coz

1) 30% tds on winnings above 5k$ this is really the biggest negative about the wsop and is essentially the deal breaker

2) 10% rake and in smaller events like the Rio daily or the smaller events in other poker rooms have rake almost as high as 20% so that combined with the tds makes it almost impossible to be a winner in the long run unless of course ur one of those lucky 1% who bink millions and a bracelet to go with it and even then u might end up not a huge winner in the long run.

3) For me personally the wsop buyins were almost the biggest ive ever played ( ive played a 12k$ acop main only once before) and the field sizes that im normally used to is anywhere between 100-400ppl and couple times 900 ppl ( red dragon main event) and the field sizes on wsop is more than 2000 in every event.

basically i was playing the biggest buyins of my life (everyday) with field sizes that are almost 10 times the number of people I’m used to playing and combine that with 30% TDS seems like an epitome of high variance to me.

so I would say think a 100 times before investing ur full bankroll in 1 vegas trip hoping to achieve gold and thinking nahi hua toh vaapis aake rebuild kar lenge

I think its way way more profitable to be playing online during wsop as the fields are way softer and other than that playing live events in india ( IPC,adda live etc) and playing live events in asia (macau manila) coz buyins are not too high , field is soft, flight is shorter , no tax , mid sized fields which leads to lesser variance.

I mean now when I read this blog again its probably not how I wanted it to shape up coz its quite negative but really that’s the harsh truth and that’s what I personally feel about the whole thing

lastly I would like to thank adda52 for sponsoring my main event and of 9 others and giving all of us a shot at the biggest stage , my investors who placed their money and trust in me for my wsop side events , all the Indian boys there in vegas i think we supported each other really well during the rough days and most importantly my wife who let me go there for 23 days while she took care of both the kids alone I cannot imagine how tough it would have been for her.

and congratulations to adi on a sick run in the main event.

thanks for reading guys hope it was worth ur time.


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