Beating The Big Numbers – By Adda52 Team Spades Amit Jain

Hi guys just got back from IPC at Goa and chilling now before heading for a family holiday on the 9th then manila for apt on the 13th and then mostly Bangalore around 30th April for another poker series. As u can see its a super hectic month coming up and hopefully a really profitable one.

Amit Jain Adda52

Goa was a lot of fun meeting up with all old friends and playing record numbers for India and was a very well organised series. I bricked ipc and only cash i got was 25k for the 5 bounties i got in the  last SKO event but yeah last 3-4 poker trips have been pretty dry for me with just 1 decent score where i got 3rd in tilt main event.

I did make a few mistakes during ipc which could be stated as standard tbh ( like aq<ak or aqs<qq and some other small pots which went post flop) but i know i could have done something different if i thought better, harder and if i was a little more solid but yeah good thing is i am writing all of my little mistakes down and ill hopefully not repeat any of it in manila or future events.

During IPC 4-5 players asked me for advice as to how to tackle these huge fields so i thought it would be a good thing to blog about because i feel numbers are gonna go up substantially and i foresee a 500 player live tourney in 2016 but for that organizers might have to give two starting flights.

There are some small adjustments one should make to profitably beat these events which have big numbers.

  1. Sell action if the buyin is a little steep for your because the variance is gonna be really very high esp when you are playing in a field of almost 250-300 people.
  2. Swap with good players because on a given day any player might run good but if the player is good then he will almost always capitalize on it , thus reducing your variance and making it profitable for u infact u can also do a swap wherein u start with say a 2% swap and every break that u guys commonly outlast swap goes up by 1% so say if both of u last 4 breaks then swap is 6% this strategy helps so that u dont have a lot of dead swaps.
  3. 3. dont eat heavy meals during dinner breaks infact throughout ipc i made sure i had only soups and salads during dinner break coz u dont wanna come back to play feeling super heavy and lazy.
  4. 4. ive seen a lot of players say ‘ chalo starting mein hi jua karte hai stack ban gaya toh theek hai nahi toh kya matlab hai 300 logo ko harana hai vaise bhi’ that thought process is absolutely RETARDED and never think like that …. u got to keep grinding and playing tight aggressive and take the increasing number as a bigger motivation to sit and grind and not to sit and gamble hoping to make a big stack.
  5. 5. try and keep ur space during the breaks coz it gets a little tilting listening to every1s bad beat or big bluff and it tends to take u out of ur zone.

( all the above points are good to practice in smaller turnouts as well but in larger turnouts they are almost a must)yeah i guess that pretty much is it coz everything else , like sleeping well not drinking lot of redbull/coffee and other stuff, has been previously mentioned a lot of times.

Anyways wish u all a lot of luck and will post another blog post APT manila.


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