Becoming a Poker Professional: Bane & Boon

If you’re an avid poker player, the thought of starting a professional career has surely for once crossed your mind. It is natural to think about starting a career in something you enjoy doing. Playing real cash games & living an earning out of is the dream of many.

But before you start seriously considering it, it is crucial to know about the benefits and detriments of it. To make this decision a little easier for you, here is a list of boons & banes of starting a career as a poker professional.


Following your passion:

Everyone wants to do what they love for a living. Choosing it as a career choice gives a poker enthusiast that opportunity.

Freedom & Flexibility:

The freedom to work at your will. Working at your hours is a huge advantage in any field.

Earning Potential:

Of Course, poker gives you a huge earning potential given you reach a certain skill level.

Opportunity towards Fame:

Once you start building a career in poker & become a professional, your success will guide you to become an elite & in-turn popular.



Earning potential in poker is huge, but so is variance in your bankroll. This is one of the major reasons people hesitate to make a career out of poker.

Uncertain win rate:

You can have an idea of your win rate, but never can you be certain of it. A player with a better idea of their winning rate would perform better, but can never be sure of emerging the winner.

Initial Funding:

If you plan to start a career in poker, you need to have a bank balance large enough to lose a big amount and still be standing for more.


No matter how enjoyable it might look, if you’re playing poker all day it catches up on your fatigue. This stands true for both online & offline poker.

So, the bottom line is that no matter if you have just started to learn poker or are already a pro, there are certain uncertainties in choosing it as a full-time career option. But if you are determined enough & have enough passion for the game, it might just work wonders for you. Be bold yet careful in making a decision & stick with whatever you choose. It is anyway a fun game to play for entertainment purposes.

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar is an online Gamer who has a love for creativity and who enjoys experimenting with various trending topics. You Can follow him on Twitter @Bhupendrachahar and Quora - /Bhupendra-Chahar #Poker #Games #Politics #India

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