Best Things to Do On The First Weekend of 2020

How are you planning to welcome 2020?

If you haven’t yet decided how to celebrate your first 2020 weekend, here are some fun ideas to welcome the new year with a bang-

Throw a Party

Make this New Year’s Eve unforgettable with an awesome party that everyone will talk about for the next 365 days. Invite your near and dear ones over to your place  for a fun-filled evening of games, drinks, food, and lots of fun. Have a blast by playing your favorite songs of 2019, dancing out loud, and taking the craziest selfies of the year.

Go Out For Dinner

It’s time to stimulate your palate! Visit your favorite restaurant with your foodie friends. Eat and drink whatever you want. We understand that you are concerned about that calories, but there is a whole year ahead of you to balance out that extra fat!

Play Poker

New Year’s Eve is fun when you celebrate it doing what you love the most! Provide edge to your skills and earn mind-blowing rewards at online Poker tables. Now, what’s not to love about this highly entertaining game of cards?

Cook Something Delicious

Prepare a luscious dish at home for your special someone. It is the best time to enjoy an in-house dinner date night where you can impress the person you love with your culinary skills.

The countdown has already begun. Welcome the new decade with food, music, and of course, Poker. We assure you – you will love the experience!


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