Biggest Lessons Learned By Poker Pros After Years Of Playing

How does it feel after spending all the energy in life to pursue your dream? Whether it’s about building your dream company or acing at life being a professional poker player, it takes years of effort and tremendous dedication to reach the pinnacle of success. Poker professionals understand that to become successful, free, and ultimately happy in life – they have to work on themselves.

Fortunately, many talented and best poker players have managed to rapidly climb up the lower limits, built an amazing bankroll, and shine in their poker journey. While some play poker full-time, some of them are those who play for a few hours online and make twice as compared to the amount they made all day at their soul-sucking job. But the interesting part is that they don’t only earn massive throughout their career, they also learn some of the biggest life lessons that change their lives drastically and help them make a mark in the different aspects of their lives.

So more than a game of skill, poker is a tool that reshapes your personality and helps you to shine like a diamond. To make it more clear, we will talk about some of the biggest lessons that poker teaches to the players. Many professional poker players have claimed that they have learned and mastered these lessons after playing poker for years.

In this blog, we will discuss the top biggest lessons that professional players attain throughout their poker journey and establish themselves in every aspect of their lives.

More Than a Game, Poker Is a Business

If you want to make it big in this game, then you have to stop screwing around and treat poker as your business. When you make it your business, you will not play ‘’whenever you feel like”. Instead, you will plan a gaming schedule and stick to it. Professional poker players treat the game as their profession – and not just a way to pass time. They learn to treat the game as if they are running a business. Poker teaches you how to be responsible for all decisions – eventually all your profits as well as your losses. Grinding on poker tables regularly helps in developing a “sink or swim” mentality. You learn to be responsible for your decisions and understand only you will support and hold yourself when things go wrong at the poker tables.

Because professional players know that they had to pay bills, follow their passion, and therefore – had to win. They develop a winning attitude! Even if they face temporary losses, you know you have to work hard and achieve success in the long term!

Never Get Too High & Too Low

Poker makes you go through the mental grind and flex your brain muscles when you devise the game strategies. Famous poker players endure for years and go through a long mentally and physically tiring playoff grind. During this grind, what they learn is that they should never – get too high when they win and too low when lose. This is one of the life lessons that poker teaches you. As the nature of the game is unpredictable, you are on a never-ending rollercoaster.

Poker professionals understand that there will be times when their streaks of winnings will surprise you and sometimes you will have losing days or even months in this game of skill and variance. Staying mentally strong during tough times is one of the very crucial traits that separates elite winners from the rest of the crowd.

Improvement is a Journey, Not a Destination

Whether you are playing online or offline, situations at the table are never the same. They are always changing because of the human factors, mathematical odds, variance, and tilt associated with the game. Top poker pros in the world learn that they have to keep working hard to keep improving. This itself states that getting success in poker and improving yourself is a life-long journey and not a destination.

You have to constantly evolve in this game and stay ahead of the pack and outshine your opponents. To ensure success in poker, everyday improvement is the key. You not only have to study your own hands but also your opponents’ hands to counter every strategy in your future sessions. If you are constantly improving and on top of the latest trends, then money will always keep flowing in.

Awareness is Your Best Friend

You don’t only have to evaluate your and your opponent’s moves, but also study the game to keep yourself aware of certain aspects that are critical for winning. There are various online training programs, online articles, videos, infographics, and much more to keep you aware of the types of opponents, different strategies, table dynamics and positions, and much more.

Professional players understand that they have to keep studying the game to be aware of the best strategies and crush their opponents at the tables. Awareness is the biggest key to ensure success in poker.

Time Management is Imperative

Working for yourself is an incredible feeling. The freedom that comes with it is amazing – but it can turn out to be dangerous if you fail to manage your time well. As there is no one over you, it is natural to feel detached, laziness, procrastination, and much more. Even when you play poker games as a profession, you must manage your time well and stick by a fixed schedule! Work on your work ethics and leave no stone unturned to follow them so that you can act like a professional even when nobody is there to guide you.

The best poker players in the world understand the importance of time and therefore play every single day. They rarely take days-off. They learn that time management is important and therefore treat weekdays and weekends in the same way! They play their best games on weekends!

Summing up

So if you are seeing yourself as a successful poker professional in the long term or even chasing other kinds of dreams, you should focus on understanding how to prioritize time. Create a tunnel vision to pay attention to the things that can move the needle towards accomplishing your goals.

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Bhupendra Chahar
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