Card Playing In India

Card playing is well known to all people. Many of us often play card games either with family members or friends in spare time to have fun. Some historians say card playing in India evolved from ancient Chess games or Dice games which were prevalent in the ancient courts of India.

Card Playing – Culture of the Gentlemen
The game has gone mainstream in India ever since. Today, several tasteful Indian gentlemen of culture ranging from ages thirty to eighty and beyond will love to take chance on a tight game of cards over cups of invigorating tea and sensuous puffs of Cuban cigars with able companions any day.
Card playing has colored Indian households. Card games like twenty nine, fifty six, literature, sip, twenty eight, rummy, Teen Patti etc. jewel the crown of card games that are played widely in India. The prolific Teen Patti became a break-out game later. It became popular as “Flash” and started being practiced all over South Asia. Teen Patti is basically received as a betting card game and faces legal constraints just like other card game namely Poker.
The game “literature” (popular around Tamil Nadu) on the other hand is all about sophistication & involves no money. Literature revolves around the riveting strategy of deducing the other players’ cards by employing one’s brilliance of reading the mind. The players keep asking each other frequent questions and thus try to squeeze out information. It is a perfect game for a bunch of merry and witty gentlemen who have a knack for boggling the mind and pulling brilliant practical jokes. The game also involves a “stalemate-breaker” policy to rescue players stuck in the knot of improbable game rules which impose a stalemate situation on some of its unlucky players.

Hybrids in Indian Card Gaming
Globalization has certainly made its impact on card playing culture all over the nation. In today’s Indian card playing community, Rummy has become a common trend but only with its individualistic essence. Indian Rummy is a cross cultural hybridization of Rummy 500 and Gin rummy.

Legit Or Not?
Laws of the nation make a fuss of card playing in India. Games like Teen Patti (तीन पत्ती)or Poker often face the wrath of the state law, but Rummy has been excluded from such legal scope because of the game’s “skilled” structure.


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