Cash Games vs Poker Tournaments

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Cash Games Tournaments

If you have been playing poker for years, you must be aware that you can make money playing cash games, and also win big in the poker tournaments. It’s just a matter of choice or your game preference. In poker, you will find many players who are good cash game players but rarely play tournaments and vice a versa. So, here are some basic differences between the two:

Cash Games

All the poker players are first introduced to cash games when they start playing poker. As the name suggests, these games are played for cash and are a regular game format found in clubs, casinos, home games, card rooms and online sites. These games have a minimum and a maximum buy-in amount depending on the stakes, and are usually played in no-limit, fixed limit and pot-limit formats. If you play poker online, you can find real money cash games that suit all budgets, and stakes are grouped into different levels such as micro stakes, low stakes, medium stakes, and high stakes.

Poker Tournaments

All the players participating in online poker tournament have to pay a fixed amount of money to play the tournament. The blinds start at $10 and $20 and escalate after a fixed time, say 15 minutes. The value of chips used in a tournament is applicable to the tournament, and players cannot exchange the chips used in tournament for real money. The tournament is commonly played in freezeout, rebuy and bounty formats.

Cash Games Tournaments
You can play on a single table at a time You can play tournaments either on multiple tables.
Blinds remain the same for each hand, depending on the stakes The cost of the blinds keeps on escalating, for eg, it may increase every 15 minutes
Once you lose your chips, you can buy-in again and continue playing If you lose all your chips in a tournament, you are out of the game.
Cash games have a minimum and maximum buy-in amount, depending on the stakes. In tournaments, all the players buy-in for the same amount and are given fixed amount of poker chips.
A player can anytime quit the game, and exchange chips for cash. Tournaments end when there is one winner who has all the chips. Players are paid based on their ranking in the tournament.
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