Common Mistakes Every Rookie Poker Player Should Avoid

Every professional was once a rookie. No one starts playing the game and goes on a winning spree. If life were that easy, we would see a lot more successful people than strugglers. Poker is much like life in this aspect. No one is born a professional poker player. Not everyone is equally successful in money games and there are a few mistakes a rookie player makes, that professionals would never do. Some of these include the following:-

  • Playing above the bankroll: Always know your coffers and bet accordingly. Never overplay in a hope to recover any losses incurred. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.
  • Obsessively defending blinds: Do not attempt to play poker game completely dependent on blinds. Professional poker players assess their cards and know when to fold. It is important to know the balance between defending your blinds and blindly defending your gut.
  • Not practicing the specifics: To play without knowing the specifics is like playing a game without watching the tutorial. You do not want to risk not watching the tutorial of a game involving real money.
  • Trying to play fancy: Rookies tend to play a fancy game to make an impression of a professional in front of the opponent.

Not making the most of online offers: One of the biggest advantages of playing poker online are the reward points/offers. Always make sure to capitalize on a good looking offer to boost your winnings.

So the next time you’re on a poker table, make sure to not make rookie mistakes. A professional player knows that there is always scope for improvement and that is what they strive for. Also, practice makes perfect so keep practicing and refining your skills!


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