Deal with Authentic Poker Chips

For a beginner it is most important to identify poker chips. If you are a beginner you should learn to identify authentic poker chips. If you have no idea about authenticity of chips, you can lose hundreds even thousands. Here is a guideline and the best source to learn how to deal poker chips.

Learn to identify poker chips:
The steps to identify an authentic poker chips are:

The first step to identify poker chips is that you should have a fair understanding about poker chips and also the casino you are interested in. This is true that different casinos generally use chips set by different companies. A certain amount of funding backs each chip that is the part of the casino. Two casinos thus avoid using identical chips. Exceptions are also there.

To check if security features are incorporated in a chip is the best way to check authenticity. This property helps to understand if a poker chip is unique to a particular casino. These are known as edge spots. There are different combinations of colors and edges available in poker chips. One should know all the poker chips with their colors and edges so that while playing they don’t get any trouble.

To determine if the chip you are dealing with is authentic, you must check if the poker chip is ‘Radio Frequency Identification-Tag’ associated. If there is any special equipment you can use that to identify. This tag is placed by machines for ensuring and securing authenticity of the particular chip. You must see if there is UV markings on the chip. They are found mainly on the inlay of the product.

For poker chip dealers, with growing popularity you have an opportunity to promote your business to a much higher level by introducing personalized poker chips. People nowadays are fond of playing poker and companies are taking advantage of this and putting their logos even their names on the chips. There are some benefits of choosing this process of promoting your business. Firstly, personalized poker chips are found in different designs. You will find the necklace and also chocolates in the form of poker chips. There are special pins that look like poker chips. You will find poker chips of different colors, styles and sizes. This will make the sum of profit big enough.


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