Economic Lessons that Novel CoronaVirus Has Taught Us

There is no prize for guessing the name of worse terror for the international economic depression – COVID-19. The world hasn’t seen that kind of financial fallout after the rustic recession of 1930. Initially, the governments of the countries had no option left except complete lockdown. As time passed by, the country administration started looking for ideas to minimize the massive depression of finance. 

Being a third world country, India can’t go for an elongated lockdown. Already thousands of people are losing jobs, and several are having their working hours cut. The startups are falling apart, and the economy is facing massive depression. But the good thing is, the nations have started to rebuild, the businesses are reopening.

As the entire universe is trying its best to recover, let’s go over what we have learned from this pandemic regarding securing our financial stability? How to cope with this kind of disaster in the future? Here are five dynamic financial lessons that we have learned from this pandemic, and we should always remember those. Check it out!

Invest Your Money Wisely

Being a spendthrift is never a smart move! Spending money without keeping a track of it can make you feel like a king/ queen, but won’t get you any favor in the long run. Henceforth, the best lesson that the pandemic has given us is realizing that our financial situation can change anytime. It’s completely uncertain. Today, you may have a job with handsome pay but tomorrow, reality can be entirely different.

You need to invest money in the best avenues starting from today. And, the essential thing that you should note down right now is diversifying the investments. Spread the investments across all the possible options such as mutual funds, government bonds, fixed deposits, etc. You can also participate in strategy-based online cash games to make good money utilizing your knowledge and skills. The golden rule of investing is diversifying your investments. Always remember, when one portion of your portfolio falls, another one must rise. As a result, the changes in these values balance each other. It won’t restrict the negative returns, but it will help you to reduce the effect that could fall in your asset class to degrade your portfolio.

Save Up To 6 Months’ Expenses Into An Emergency Fund

Investing money for the long term is an excellent method to inflate your money. Still, it is not the only way to save your family from the effect of pandemics. Sometimes, The situation demands instant liquid cash.

This covid-19 has shown people that unforeseen emergencies and financial crises go hand in hand. If you don’t arrange appropriate cushioning, you may face severe loss. No one wants to deal with a shortage of money when the situation goes haywire with no stability and predictability. Can you even imagine the case when someone needs financial stability, and right then he loses his job? But this pandemic has created precisely this situation in a lot of people’s lives.

According to the opinions of the experts, the covid-19 phase is going to last for many months to come. So you should build an emergency fund that contains the minimum worth of your six months’ expense. It will work as a boon for you if you face any difficult situation that demands money or when your source of income dries up.

Change Your Spending Habits

The natural and easy way to secure your financial situation is reining in your expenses. These days, it is important to learn how to control the desire for impulse- buying and overspending. If you are planning to play the card game online, it is important for you to get in-depth knowledge of the basic rules of Poker before investing real money on the tables. It is highly recommended for newbies to play on freeroll tables to learn how to create a gameplan on the basis of mathematical calculations and their understanding of the opponent’s mindset.

We have already seen that the novel coronavirus has brought the whole financial growth of the world to a halt. There will be no wonder if it puts an impact on our financial health too. Therefore, we need to form smart spending habits. When your regular expenses are fixed, try to manage your discretionary spending within 20% of your income and save the rest.

Personal Budgeting is the Key

It is not easy to maintain a simple and inexpensive lifestyle when your income grows steadily. It would be best if people have a robust personal budgeting plan for themselves. A well-planned budget helps people to stretch their existing financial assets when the disasters present uncertain crisis. Regardless of whether you are playing online poker with friends or with players from across the country, you should always spend within your bankroll limits. 

You will get an insight into your regular expenses and variable costs when you chalk out your budget. When you have proper knowledge about your income, expenditure and savings, it becomes easy for you to decide where to spend money and where to save. 

Insurance is Essential

The novel coronavirus affects the respiratory system and causes severe health disorders. The period of medical care usually runs for a few weeks. The treatment procedure includes several tests to detect the existence of the coronavirus in the body of the sufferer. Therefore, taking health insurance should be your priority right now. Grab a suitable one and make sure that you will get good coverage out of that.

This pandemic was something that we never imagined before. The dangerous virus is still raging across the globe. We are facing one of the most significant financial depressions in the history of the world. This pandemic has taught humanity a lot of things. Apart from revising the moral values, we have learned that nothing is permanent. Even if life runs so smoothly at present, it can be in second gear the very next moment. Our job can disappear, we may have pay cuts, medical treatment may demand huge. A lot of uncertain things can happen. The only positive thing that came out of this pandemic is that it has taught us that we should not delay our financial decisions. Henceforth, it is high time to start focusing on making regular investments. Fixing the second source of income is one of the smartest moves as of now. 

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Figuring out where and when to spend your money makes a big impact on your ability to achieve your financial objectives. In this tough time, it is highly important for you to start following the above-mentioned tips to stay mentally prepared to deal with adversities effectively.

Bhupendra Chahar
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