Five Most Popular Poker Variants

Festival of cards is coming. Why not try playing poker instead of Teen Patti? Are you ready for the game? Whichever game is your favourite, this time you should give poker a try.

Get to know these popular poker games online and choose the one that suits you.

Texas Hold’em

  • Globally renowned poker game.
  • Marquee tournaments – WSOP, WPT & EPT – use this poker variant.
  • Each player is dealt two hole cards.
  • Five community cards are opened face up in on the table on the flop, the turn and the river.
  • Player with the best five-card hand combination at the showdown wins the game.


  • A fast-action poker game.
  • Buckle your seatbelt if you’re ready for bigger swings.
  • Each player is dealt four hole cards.
  • Five community cards are dealt face up on the table on flop, turn and river.
  • Player has to use two cards from their hand and three community cards to make the winning five-card combination.

Seven-Card Stud

  • A pure yet hipster poker game.
  • A limit game that is played without a flop and community cards.
  • Each player is dealt two hole cards face down and a third face up (the door card).
  • Four cards are dealt face up, and the player has to choose the best five-card combination.

2-7 Triple Draw

  • A ‘low ball’ poker game.
  • Inverse hand rankings is what makes this variant different.
  • In all the four betting rounds, player has to replace cards by drawing a new one from the deck to make the lowest possible five-card hand.
  • The best hand combination is 23457 with no flush.

Chinese Poker

  • A ‘fast-paced’ point based game.
  • Popularly known as Pusoy / Russian poker.
  • There are no betting rounds and game is scored in points.
  • Each player is dealt 13-card, and has to make three poker handsets – two of five cards each and one of three cards.

So, what are you waiting for? As the festive season rings in, gear up and try your hand on these free poker games.


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