Five Things Poker Payers Love to Talk About

Poker, apart from being an exciting cash winning game has also been a means of socializing and recreation since its advent. While playing poker over the weekends with friends or at the poker tables of poker rooms, we discuss many things. From the hottest Bollywood gossip to the new pub in town, everyone at the table has something to say while waiting for a better Flop, Turn or River. The conversation flows through several aspects of real life, politics, TV Shows etc. making the discussions lively for hours.
If we try to list the most popular poker table discussions it would look like the one below.

 Latest Movies

  • Latest Movies on the charts – We all love movies at times; the genres might be arbitrary. Whether it’s the latest action flick of Arnold Schwarzenegger or a sizzling item number of Katrina in some Bollywood cinema, poker players find them the most interesting thing to talk about. And if none of them are exciting enough, there’s always room to open up a discussion about your favorite movie star or model and pass on some behind the scene affairs you found on the web.
  • Sports League around the world – Playing poker and no conversation on sports! That’s impossible. After all, every sport brings the thrill and excitement to players and the spectators as well. Be it the English Premier league or a cricket T20 match, sports talk bring an added sense of action on the poker table. Sometimes you may get into an amicable argument on some facts on the best sports stars.


  • Politics & World News – People tend to start conversations on a poker table with any news they saw in their twitter feed minutes ago or last night on TV. Although most of the world and political news is flooded with mishaps, you can always start a discussion about something enjoyable. Humorous political gags also tend to rule poker tables.
  • Local hangout junctions – “Guys! That new pub in sector 32 is awesome.” One who explored a new hangout place in the town will share as soon as he enters the poker room. Whether you are a foodie or love that rock music in a pub with a few shots, you can’t stop yourself talking about such joints. Many a times these conversations lead to planning an outing like trekking or a relaxing weekend in the suburbs.

 Poker Talks

  • Poker Talks – Quite obvious, every player while betting on poker table or after an exciting hand will relate it to a similar instance in a recent poker tournament. Their hearts hop and pop with every poker news, whether it’s Phil Ivey’s latest million dollar win or someone getting a bad beat at the WSOP. People pass information about upcoming tournaments of poker in India and around the world and make strategies to participate.

A common thread among all the topics above is people tend to talk about their likings, random news and weather or real life events. A recreational poker player talks about random things for fun, a professional poker player always plays attention to what their opponent speaks as plenty of potentially useful information can be picked out of that. Make your poker time livelier with conversations of your liking.


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