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Madan Kumar - Adda52 Pro

The excitement is all around the corner as there are less than 10 days left for the Deltin Poker Tournament. Visiting Goa is always a fun time as it gives me a sense of acceptance with players who are constantly discussing the random hands, the poker profiles of players, the most insane bad beat stories, the drink challenges,and so on….

During the Deltin Poker Tournament January edition, I had a fairly decent outing as I finished at 6th place in the Biggest Ever Main Event. I made it to the main event after winning the satellite for the 1/10th of entry fee.

Day 1 started pretty well as I had a top 5 stack for most part of the tourney until I was moved to a table where I lost almost every pot and ended the day with the bottom 5 stack. I was quite upset with myself, and went straight to the hotel to get some rest. I returned on Day 2 with a confidence to turn things around. Though the tournament structure was deep, I ran the stack to make it to the final table.

I was overwhelmed and a tad nervous while studying the line-up of Final Table. Raghav Bansal, Dhaval Mudgal and Jaideep Sajwan were seated to my right while Romit Advani and Akash Malik to my left. Ujjwal Rana was a guy I have met towards the end of Day 1. I remember him folding a 3bb stack on his BB and announcing that tomorrow will be a different day. And, then there he was on the Final Table with a stack to fight. Next in line was Rishabh Jhunjhunwala whose only hand I have seen was from a 500/1000 cash table where he had bet the bottom pair on the river in a 3bet pre pot with Q5o, for value. Abhay Bokadia was new to me and I vaguely remember him as being a player from Chennai.

With such a final table seating, you can definitely find some interesting hands being played out. As expected, Raghav got the ball rolling busting Jaideep. Then, the ever aggressive Romit opens pre, called by Akash and Raghav defends big blind but on a 244cc flop Raghav check shoved over Romits’ c-bet and Akashs’ call. “This is what Raghav does – ‘SPOTS’”. Dhaval was very cautious enough when he played AA against my 99. This one hand was a proof of how determined he was to take this tourney down. We were down to six after the elimination of Ujjwal and Romit. I was 4th in chips with Rishab and Abhay in trail. At this point of time, Akash opened UTG and was flatted by Rishab from MP and Raghav on the button. I looked down at KK on SB, shoved with about 22bb and was called by Rishab holding 66. The board ran out giving him a straight to 7 and me a 2bb stack. Thereafter, I busted a couple of hands. It was really disappointing to bust the event but I was able to earn the respect of the table and fellow players.

The last tournament series have been a great experience for the poker community, thanks to the way it was organized and executed by Deltin Royale and Adda52. The schedule and structures for the upcoming events have been announced and it is surely gonna be one of the best in the country. And, the last event “Pro Bounty” will be a super fun event with Amit Jain, Kunal Patni and me holding a special bounty of Rs. 1 lac.

The Adda52 Pro Team invites each and everyone of you to be a part of this excitement from the 24th to 28th August. Good luck to everyone, see you at Deltin Royale, Goa.

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