Flashback of DPT Jan 2016 Edition : Adda52Pro Kunal Patni

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Flashback of DPT Jan 2016 Edition  Adda52Pro Kunal Patni

It’s less than a month for the second edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) powered by Adda52 and the whole poker community including me is super excited about it. The first edition of DPT that took place in January 2016 was a roaring success. The last DPT event was announced about 3 weeks before the actual event and promised the biggest guarantees ever seen in India. As the event was scheduled on the 26th January long weekend, a lot of people had already made plans and it looked as if the guarantees wouldn’t be met. However, to everybody’s pleasant surprise the guarantees were crushed in all the events and the tournament series was a huge success. This time DPT has been announced well in advance, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it would surely gonna be bigger and better than the last one.

I made a pretty good run in the DPT in January with a final table finish in the deepstack 25K event. Moreover, I made deep runs in the 100k main event, the 10K event and in the 15K bounty event. I vividly remember the main event of the DPT January edition. It was that one tournament where I was super card dead for the first 6 levels of the day. I remember having played only 6 hands in the first six levels and defended my big blind only twice during these levels. Seriously, I was very card dead. Further, the structure of the main event was superb. It allowed a player enough room to play. The first 6 levels were a real test of my patience. During the event, I constantly kept telling myself to be patient, to not to give it all away and to just hang in there. That’s exactly what I did and was rewarded for my patience. I got a good run in the next couple of levels and get to made the most of it to chip up pretty well. However, I was unfortunate to bust out 15 minutes before the end of Day 1. I had about 15bb. Prasanna opened UTG and one guy flatted him for later position. I had AQ suited on the button and I jammed. Prasanna folded and the other guy thought for a good six minutes and called. He just covered me. Though I was happy to see him holding KQ but the window card was a King and my dream to win the biggest ever main event in India was shattered. I felt awful about the bad beat as I was really grinding hard during this event but this is how it rolls in Poker Tournaments. The final table of this main event was a pretty sick one with Dhaval, Raghav, Akash, Romit, JD and Madan as opponents, and Raghav, of course, went on to win the title.

I had a pretty deep run in the next 10K event and was doing well before I lost two big hands back to back. First, I lost 88 < 45, then AK < A5 for a 50bb pot and finally got eliminated at 24th place. The next event was the 25K Deepstack event and I was already feeling awesome about playing very good poker over the last 3 days. I made it to day two being 4th in chips with 14 left. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run it up. I made it to the final table of this event and busted out in the 9th place. The last event was the bounty event with a higher bounty on all Adda52 pros including me. It was a fun event because all the pros were the target. Once again, I ran deep in this event to be placed at 23rd.

DPT is characterised by its superb structures which means that players have enough room to play good poker and it doesn’t turn into a shove fest. The guarantees in DPT are the biggest in India and to top it all, the event is organised at Deltin Royale with Adda52 being the organiser. Adda52 is by far the biggest and the most respected online poker website in India. Given all the above attributes, DPT is a tournament that absolutely cannot be missed by any poker lover in India. The DPT scheduled in August has a mind blowing 1 Crore guarantee for all the events put together. There is a 30K main event as well as a 60K high roller with amazing guarantees.

As a proud member of Adda52 pro team, I would like to invite each and everyone of you to come and take part in the Deltin Poker Tournament from 24th to 28th August. I am extremely confident that you would go back asking for more. See you all on the tables !!

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