Fly to Vegas Winner Abhineet Jain: My goal is to be Adda52 Team Online

Adda52 interviewed the Fly to Vegas winner, Mr. Abhineet Jain.

 Adda52 Player Abhineet Jain

1.   Hello Abhineet (pokemon13), thanks for your conversation with Adda52. Firstly congratulations on winning the ‘Fly to Vegas – Third Series’ Tournament. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker?

I am a Graduate from XLRI, and work as a Manager in Tata Motors. While studying in XLRI, I was introduced to poker by one of my roommates. He educated me about online poker, and informed me about It was in January 2014 when I started playing poker, and is the very first site where I played poker. Those days I tried playing poker on other sites, but concluded that find adda52 is the best site for online poker. Initially, as happens with all newbies I used to lose a lot of money. So, I started brushing up about poker by reading tutorials and watching videos of poker pros. Then I started playing on lower stakes, built up a bankroll and then moved to playing mid-stakes. However, I consider myself a recreational player.

2.  How do you feel right now – excited, intimidated, terrified?

I am really feeling excited right now. It’s like a dream come true moment for me, and also a step towards the biggest ever live tournament. This win is a landmark for me as I have not yet played in any live tournament of poker and this would be the first one, so just hoping for the best.

3.  In ‘Fly to Vegas’ Tournament, you have been a tough performer. Which hand was your turning point in this tournament?

I can’t think of a hand that was a game-changer for me. However, when I reached the finale event, I had started with 28000 chips, but in starting few hands I lost almost half of my chip stack. The plus point was that I knew the playing style of two of my opponents, so I played aggressively but cautiously and strengthened my chip stack accordingly. Furthermore, I had a good position when I reached the final table.

4.  How was your heads-up match? Could you share the final hand which won you this tournament?

My heads up match against “Lucky3” was very competitive. During the final game, I held 1.8 lacs chip stack and my opponent had 1.2 lacs chips. I was holding 9-10 off suit and he had Q-Q. Initially in the pre-flop, I raised him, and he re-raised me. The board displayed 9-10-5 on the flop. Then, I called and he raised me. I re-raised him and he went Allin. However, the turn card A and river card J were unfavorable for him and finally I won the hand as I busted a pair.

5.  Have you prepared your Vegas wishlist so far?

Not yet!

6.   Does your family support poker?

My family members know that I play poker. It’s just that they don’t accept poker as a skill game, though I have tried convincing them that poker is a mind game.

7.  What do you do when not playing Poker?

If I don’t play poker, then I watch movies and read books. The latest book that I am reading is “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” written by John von Neumann.

8.  Do you play any other card game?

I personally prefer playing all variants of poker. I used to play rummy earlier.

9.   Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve game playing experience for poker players or online game lobby? is a very interactive site as compared to other sites in the online gaming market. It’s mobile platform is just awesome, and software is action-oriented. My suggestion is that Adda52 should run more tournaments with big prize pools.

10.  What is your next poker milestone ?

My short-term poker milestone is to be a part of Adda52 Team Online, and long-term poker goal is to win in money at the world’s prestigious poker tournament.


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