Adda52 Founder’s Day

Anuj Gupta had a vision. A vision so focused and clear that even the failure of the others didn’t deter them. When he and fellow IITian Mohit Agarwal started Adda52 in 2011 they designed it as a gaming portal offering online poker. It wasn’t something that had never been done before. Many had tried, most had failed, all of them miserably! What clicked for Adda52 was their vision of not merely having people come to their site and make a buck but play and master poker. Play poker as a game of skill. Play the game as it is played internationally. This resilience is what has enabled Adda52 to stand the test of time and become the market leader by leaps and bounds. Less than 4 years in the very uncertain online poker industry of India and adda52 sits on top as an observer as others faulter and dwindle away. Adda52 continues to innovate, experiment and succeed.

On June 10, Adda52 celebrates its Founders’ Day to remember what it has accomplished and what it still has to achieve. It’s goal has never been to easily ride out the challenging times, but to learn from the lessons of hard times and to succeed. For all that the website has accomplished, it owes the success to the trust of customers and the dedication of its employees.

Anybody can make games. What sets Adda52 apart is its founding culture and principles of safe and secure game delivery. A day to celebrate success while remembering that is a “big” small company, guided by founder Anuj Gupta’s set standards. The services of have expanded greatly since its inception in 2011. Yet despite the changes, the company is always focused on fulfilling its promises to 6,00,000+ registered users and its 100+ employees.

The website has always worked to fulfill the promise of serving customer’s – poker players needs — whether that promise is to give you the most secure and memorable experience while playing online Multi-Player Games and Tournaments or maintaining system integrity and fairness at the online poker tables.

Jan-12 Adda52 Poker Launched
Feb-12 Real Cash &‘Sit n Go’Games
Jun-12 Multi-Table Poker Tournaments
Jan-13 1 Lac + Registered Users
Feb-13 Pot Limit Omaha
Jan-14 2.5 Lacs + Registered Users
Jun-14 Mobile Compatible Platform Launched
Sep-14 Poker Millionaire Tour
Nov-14 Advanced Gaming Features
Jan-15 5 Lacs + Registered Users
Jan-15 Omaha Hi/Lo
Jan-15 Fly to Vegas Series
Feb-15 India’s First Poker Pro Team – Team Spades
May-15 6 Lacs + Registered Users

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