Gagandeep Malik Vs Ankita Malik

Love is a long road that sometimes leads to unique and interesting challenges! A couple is supposed to always work as a team and share a common goal. But what if they have to compete in a tournament in which only one of them can be the champion?

Seeing your significant other as your opponent is not an easy task. Stepping on the field as opponents means stepping off as partners. The ‘stakes’ are higher and emotions are stronger when you compete against your spouse. Ask Gagandeep Malik and Ankita Ajay Malik, who pitted against each other at the finals of 1 CR GTD WPT Unreal.

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This husband and wife duo is the definition of a ‘power couple’ in the world of Poker. Gagandeep is a well-known player who is holding several prestigious Poker titles such as DOPT ME, DPT Highroller, DPT Bounty, Mega Suits, AOPS Condalim, The Mint, WPT Monday feature, etc. In 2016, he participated in WPT China and shipped “Win The Button – Hyper-Turbo” The same year, he took down the ‘DPT Highroller’ event  in DPT Goa Live Series. There has been no looking back for him since then.

Ankita is a five-time ‘Running Hot’ winner who is making the Poker world gape in awe with her exceptional performance at the tables. She has donned multiple hats and is a role model for all aspiring women Poker players.

They have similar aspirations. They both are focused, ambitious, full of energy, and goal-oriented.

This time, they both were aiming for the lion’s share of a gigantic prize pool.

What happened when this couple competed against each other at the Poker table?

Ankita, a former social media executive, won the Rs. 499 buy-in tournament and bagged the hefty Rs. 15 Lac in top prize money by outsmarting the player with the username ‘killerinstincts’ (2nd position) and her husband (3rd position). Gagandeep played quite well but eventually finished runner up for Rs. 8 Lac.

What a game it was!

WPT Unreal hosted a total of 30 flights that took place from 1st to 29th August and drew a massive field of 19,569 entries. The tournament paid off handsomely for both the players. Interestingly, when Ankita entered the final table, her bankroll was almost gone. She started playing aggressively and quickly went from short stack to chip leader. On the other hand, Gagandeep had a healthy chip lead at the start of the final table. He hit the virtual rail as the third-place finisher. In the heads-up battle, Ankita bested his opponent ‘killerinstincts’ to claim the title.

Gagandeep played an instrumental role in the Poker journey of his wife. On their very first date, he revealed to her that he is a professional Poker player. To his surprise, Ankita also expressed her desire to partner in his Poker journey.

Just a year after their marriage, Ankita started playing Poker online  full-time. Gagandeep is as cool and unruffled off the Poker felt as he is on it. He is beyond proud of her achievement and genuinely happy with her upward growth as a player.

It is usually quite hard to pinpoint what makes a real story fascinating. Facing off at a sporting event is what makes the story of Gagandeep and Ankita so special, compelling, and unusual.

“At the table, he is just an opponent for me. I cannot spare him, just because he is my husband.” Said Ankita in an exclusive interview with Swati Singh Rajput.

As the ultimate objective of a game is to win, a good player always puts the best of his efforts to outperform his opponents.

What matters the most is going out in the field and giving it all you have. You have to put your emotions aside to do what’s necessary to reach the top.

Healthy competition among couples helps in keeping the spark in their relationship alive. Instead of letting ego, resentment, and misunderstanding build up and ruin the relationship, you should build a strong connection with your partner to know what he/she actually wants. At the end of the day, your unconditional support for each other helps you navigate tough decisions and craft your identities and careers together.

That’s the way it always should be.

Gagandeep and Ankita share a common passion for the classic card game that makes them a natural fit for each other. We are curious to see what the future holds for this power Poker couple.

Think you are ready to challenge your better half for a competition? Then invite him/her to the Poker tables NOW!

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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