Guide to World Poker Tour : Schedules, Online Satellites & Winners list of Past WPT

World Poker Tour is an internationally televised series of high-stake Texas Hold’em poker tournaments which broadcast final tournament tables to more than 150 countries. The series started in 2002 by TV producer Steven Lipscomb who introduced the successful concept of broadcasting poker tournaments on television which is now one of the highest rated show in US. Since then, the popularity of WPT is growing exponentially and it becomes one of the leading and most prestigious poker events in the world.

WPT players are recognized as celebrities in the world of poker. The big shot to earn fame and fortune attracts the best poker players all over the world to come together and play WPT Texas Hold’em poker. Professional players as well as poker enthusiasts compete against each other to win the title. The Main Event winner gets the lifetime opportunity to have his name engraved on the WPT Champion’s Cup as well as millions of dollars as world poker tour winnings. World Poker Tour also presents bracelets to the champions as a symbol of their victory and achievement.

The series happens in various countries around the globe every year and presents many poker tournaments which ultimately leads to the Main Event. The another great reason of the popularity of the event is that anyone who can pay the WPT buy-in, can participate in the tournaments.

Adda52 Collaboration with WPT

First time in history, World Poker Tour is coming to India in partnership with Adda52, India’s largest online poker and card games site. WPT India 2017 is going to be held at Adda52Live poker room, Deltin Royale in Goa, one of the most luxurious and iconic poker destination in India.

WPT India Complete Tournament Schedule

Deltin Royale is an offshore luxurious cruise ship casino which is widely known as one of the biggest and grandest casinos in India. Deltin Royale hosts several domestic and international events throughout the year and is now inviting the greatest poker players of the world to come and play at WPT in India from 7 to 13 November, 2017 with INR 55,000 Main Event. 16:00 PM20K Kickoff NLH20,000 (19,200+800)

Day Date Event Time Tournament Name Entry (INR)
Tue 7 Nov 1 6:00 PM 20K Kickoff NLH 20,000 (19,200+800)
10:00 PM Satellite to WPT India Main Event 7,000 (6,720+280)
On Demand SHIP IT 1 hand satellites to Main Event 2,000 and higher
Wed 8 Nov 2 6:00 PM Superstack NLH (2 day event – 1 re-entry) 30,000 (28,800+1,200)
10:00 PM Satellite to WPT India Main Event 10,000 (9,600+400)
On Demand SHIP IT 1 hand satellites to Main Event & High Roller 2,000 and higher
Thu 9 Nov 3:00 PM Superstack NLH Day 2
3 5:00 PM High Roller (2 day event) 100,000 (96,000+4,000)
10:00 PM Satellite to WPT India Main Event 10,000 (9,600+400)
On Demand SHIP IT 1 hand satellites to Main Event 2,000 and higher
Fri 10 Nov 2:30 PM Satellite to WPT India Main Event 10,000 (9,600+400)
3:00 PM High Roller Day 2 55,000 (52,800+2,200)
4 5:00 PM WPT India Main Event DAY 1A (Day 1B re-entry allowed) 55,000 (52,800+2,200)
On Demand SHIP IT 1 hand satellites to Main Event 2,000 and higher
Sat 11 Nov 2:30 PM Turbo Satellite to WPT India Main Event 10,000 (9,600+400)
4 5:00 PM WPT India Main Event DAY 1B 55,000 (52,800+2,200)
5 10:00 PM SHIP IT NLH (re-entry allowed) 7,000 (6,720+280)
Sun 12 Nov 4 3:00 PM WPT India Main Event DAY 2
6 3:00 PM PLO (max 2 re-entries) 20,000 (19,200+800)
7 7:30 PM Bounty NLH 25,000 (24,000+1,000)
Mon 13 Nov 4 4:00 PM WPT India Main Event Final Table
8 5:00 PM Deep Turbo NLH 20,000 (19,200+800)


  • All numbered tournaments are Official AsiaPac and India Player of the Year events
  • 1.5% of the prizepool will be held for staffing costs
  • All tournaments are freezeouts unless otherwise designated

Online satellites schedule on adda52 is offering the greatest opportunity to participate in the WPTDeepStacks India by hosting online satellites on the website where Indian poker players can win free ticket for the Main Event in Goa. You can play the satellites for WPT India Main Event and the winner will get entry to five listed events along with flight tickets (up to 10,000) and 4nights/5days accommodation (twin-sharing). Visit for more information about WPT India schedule.

Day Date Seats GTD Time Satellite Buy-in
Mon-Fri 26 Sep-5 Nov 1 11:00 PM WPT India ME Satellite – RE 2750
Mon-Fri 26 Sep-5 Nov 3:30 & 8:30 PM WPT India ME Step 1 – R+A 110
Mon-Fri 26 Sep-5 Nov 9:30 PM WPT India Step 1 – RE 275
Sat -Sun 26 Sep-5 Nov 2 11:00 PM 2 GTD – WPT India ME Satellite 5500
Sat -Sun 26 Sep-5 Nov 2, 7 PM WPT India ME Step 1 – R+A 220
Sat -Sun 26 Sep-5 Nov 9:30 PM WPT India Step 1 – RE 550
Sat 28 Oct, 4 Nov 1 11:00 PM WPT India Super Satellite – RE 11500
Sat 28 Oct, 4 Nov 2,7,9:30 PM WPT India Super Step 1 – RE 575


  • A user winning multiple tickets of Main Event (including online & offline) can use it for multiple buy-ins on Day1A & Day1B flight days.
  • The Super satellite winner will get entry to 5 listed events along with 4N/5D Twin-sharing accommodation and flights tickets reimbursed up to 10,000.
    • 20K Kickoff NLH
    • 30K Superstack NLH
    • 100K High Roller
    • 55K Main Event
    • 25K Bounty

WPTDeepStacks Winners

The biggest amount won in WPT championship was in season 5 by Carlos Mortensen which was $3,970,415.

Here are the winners of last four seasons of WPTDeepStacks who topped and took home massive prize money. The list is based on their ranks on WPT leaderboard.

Season 2017-2018

  1. Rafael Francisquetti(WPT Brasil, August 2017)$781,546.
  2. James Poper(WPTDeepStacks Big Stax XX, February,2017) $201,991.
  3. Rex Clinkscales (WPTDS Tampa Main Event,June, 2017) $159,354

Season 2016-2017

  1. Salomon Ponte(WPT DeepStacks Hollywood,January, 2016), $341,420.
  2. Brent Roberts(WPTDeepStacks Big Stax XX, February, 2016), $202,944.
  3. Edward Mallon (WPTDeepStacks Hollywood, January, 2016) $241,720

Season 2015-2016

  1. James Gorham(WPTDeepStacks Los Angeles, July, 2015) $95,290
  2. Lawrence Whyte (WPTDeepStacks, Hollywood, January, 2015)$91,501
  3. George Wolfe (WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville, March 2015) $84,037.

Season 2014-2015

  1. Justin Porter (WPTDeepStacks, San Diago, October, 2014) $85,027.
  2. Joshua Pollock (WPTDeepStacks, San Diago, October, 2014), $85,026
  3. Michael Benvenuti(WPTDeepStacks, San Diago, October, 2014), $44,184.

WPT Player of the Year

Along with the winnings, WPT honors the player who earns most points throughout the season with Player of the Year award. Earlier only the players who reached the final tables were eligible for the points but now the points are based only your finishing position, buy-in, and total number of players in the tournament.

Below are the winners who received Player of the Year award until now in all seasons of WPT:

  • Season 2017-2018 : Art Papazyan
  • Season 2016-2017 : Benjamin Zamani
  • Season 2015-2016 : Mike Shariati
  • Season 2014-2015 : Anthony Zinno
  • Season 2013-2014 : Mukul Pahuja
  • Season 2012-2013 : Matt Salsberg
  • Season 2011-2012: Joe Serock
  • Season 2010-2011 : Andy Frankenberger
  • Season 2009-2010 : Faraz Jaka
  • Season 2008-2009 : Bertrand Grospellier
  • Season 2007-2008 : Jonathan Little
  • Season 2006-2007 : J. C. Tran
  • Season 2005-2006 : Gavin Smith
  • Season 2004-2005 : Daniel Negreanu
  • Season 2003-2004 : Erick Lindgren
  • Season 2002-2003 : Howard Lederer

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