How Does Earning Loyalty Helps

Are you an online poker player? Are you a regular player of a particular poker site? How much loyalty have you earned so far? Loyalty! Yes; every online poker site has a loyalty program for its players. Loyalty program is basically a player rewards program wherein you earn points for every raked hand you play. These reward points keep on accumulating in your account over a period of time, and you can use these points to play loyalty tournaments, freeroll tournaments, satellite tournaments, etc. Further, you should consider the loyalty program as a key factor while deciding where to play online because it is the only way to reap the greatest benefits and get full credit for time spent at the tables.

Did you know loyalty pays off at The site has a well-designed loyalty program wherein every loyal player is rewarded with many fabulous incentives.

For, it is a no brainer to reward their players with a Loyalty program. This well-known Indian poker site has a unique Loyalty program wherein climbing the loyalty ladder is dependent on the cash games any player plays. All new registered players start off at the bronze level and climb up the ranks according to the loyalty earned. Moreover, the higher the level you reach, the more the benefits you receive. Such incentives are a way for the poker site to acknowledge the loyalty of it’s patron and reward them on their dedication and interest on the site.

Level Points
Bronze 0
Silver 1500
Gold 25000
Platinum 200000
Diamond 1000000
Royale 2500000

Now lets see what are the benefits of the Loyalty Program:

  • Quick discharge of real cash bonus.
  • Direct entry into Loyalty Promotions hosted by, for eg. Loyalty Carnival.
  • Free entry into Satellites of Bigger Tourneys.
  • Exchange your Loyalty points for various Special Offers and Promotions.
  • Conversion of Loyalty points into Real Cash Bonus chips.

Furthermore, the player at a higher loyalty level is always better off than the player at a lower loyalty level. For instance, a gold member will earn loyalty points in lesser time compared to a silver member. Moreover, the loyalty points that you earn expire in 6 months from the date on which the loyalty points were awarded. In other words, your current loyalty level depends on the loyalty points earned during last 6 months. Every 100 loyalty points earned gives you 22 Real Cash chips, and if playing on VIP tables and high stake table these 100 loyalty points release 7 real cash chips.

So, register on and deposit Real Cash in your account to become a Loyalty club member. A poker player can start his loyalty journey as soon as he hits the first poker table. You start as a Bronze Level player and can rise to the higher levels by playing more cash poker games. Thus, the more you play, higher your Loyalty Level rises and you get bigger and better rewards.


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