How Poker Has Touched The Heart of Millions?

The traditional card game – poker has been around for centuries. Players from all generations have been cherishing this game and enjoying the high-spirited delight. The game which we know and play today actually took shape in the early 1800s in America. Gradually Indian players also started adopting this traditional card game and played it full-heartedly. The current scenario is that just like cricket in India – poker has managed to gain immense popularity amongst millennials.

In the era of digitization and globalization, poker also spread its roots across the world. Different versions and variants of poker arrived to make the experience more thrilling and adventurous for the players. No matter which format or variant you choose to play online, you can be assured of the power-packed fun and irresistible offers to double up your winnings and excitement.

Read the blog till the end to understand the reasons behind the popularity of the game in India and how it gradually becomes an important part of most of the household.

Indian Passion For Traditional Card Games

We Indians always enjoy playing traditional games with our loved ones to create beautiful memories to cherish later. We have been admiring card games since long before we learned how to play poker. Playing cards is always a common activity in India. There were Indian terms that were used to describe the card games such as ‘taash’, ‘patte’, and much more. Till the longest time – poker used to be identified as ‘taash’ or ‘patte’ in India. It’s after the popularity of poker and rising awareness that people learn more about poker games and try their hands on the same.

Other card games like rummy and teen patti also gained popularity after the success of poker card games. With so many options for the players to enjoy at past times, card games had become an important part of the lifestyle.

Online Version Brought The Real-Thrill

A long time back, players used to enjoy the traditional poker games in the traditional set-up. They used to wait for important events or festivals like a get-together, Diwali, Holi to take out the cards from their almirah and start playing. Because of the offline set-up, the gaming was not as frequent as it is now! Now we have online poker games where we can play poker with friends round the clock or with other players online in real-time. No matter if you are traveling or getting bored at home, you just have to take out your mobile or tablet to start having a fun session.

Online poker tells you what the real-thrill feels like! With the best poker sign-up bonuses, challenges, leaderboards, tournaments, and much more, the fun always increases. Learn the poker tips and tricks to always play your A-game.

These days a lot of renowned celebrities from different fields are coming forward to join the poker lexicon and showcase their bluff skills to the world. This trend is somewhere encouraging potential poker players to join the bandwagon and work hard to shine in the world of poker.

The Best Past Time Activity

The rising awareness of poker as a game of skill has pushed players to play more games and prove their skills. Players these days have been realizing that this novel card game is a great way to keep yourself entertained and spend free time learning real-life skills – that too in a fun manner. To holistically work on your real-life skills such as observational skills, analytical skills, mathematical skills, and much more, you just have to play poker online games regularly.

“In another way, you can also say that it is one of the best entertainment activities that help you to unwind at the end of the day, gives you a break from all the daily stressors, and lets you enjoy your time with a bang.”

The best part is you don’t have to find players to play with you. Cash games and tournaments are going on round the clock which you can join at your convenience.

The Digital Makeover of Poker

The players of the modern era are bombarded with numerous poker apps and sites! It won’t be wrong to say that this traditional card game has now become a global game as it has reached every household – every device and makes life much more valuable for the players.

As poker is stretching its roots across the globe – thanks to the online gaming platforms, even people who have never played poker in their life are taking interest in learning how to play poker online. All credit goes to the online poker platforms that players are cherishing the convenience of playing poker games at their home – without going out to the casinos. Learning is also simplified!

There are numerous tutorials, guides, articles, blogs, infographics, etc. that help players to learn more about the game and master playing poker card games. Moreover, beginners can ace their skills by practicing on free online poker tables and still steal the chance to earn well.

Due to this ease and convenience, playing poker games is gradually becoming a household activity.

Leading poker platforms such as Adda52 has further simplified the ease of playing poker games online and added to the joy of poker enthusiasts by offering them lucrative deals, offers, instant bonus cash packages, prize pools up to lakhs and crores.

So, if you taste the much-talked-about thrill yet, then it’s the right time now! Hit the juicy poker tables at Adda52 and start playing poker online now. Visit or simply download the app. Just go through a simple sign-up process and reach the high-octane poker tables.

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