How To Find Quality ‘Me’ Time

It is important to take care of yourself by spending time on things that help you unwind. Here are some of the factors to consider if you are looking for ways to maximize your personal time–

Work Timings

If you have a hectic daily routine, it is essential to prepare a time table to organize your day and plan your leisure time. Often on a weekday, we don’t find free time to enjoy our favorite games. Playing a few hands of Poker during your tea/lunch break is a great way to rejuvenate, improve your concentration, and restore your energy. The evenings, weekends, and holidays are the perfect time for you to enter the world of mesmerizing online multiplayer games.

Home Chores

If you are working from home, your organization might expect you to stretch your working hours. As you have to manage your professional commitments as well as do the household chores, you often find no time left over to play games online. No matter how busy your schedule is, it is important to steal a few minutes from it to relax and shift your focus to yourself. Remember that you are not being selfish or unproductive if you are taking some time for yourself. Whenever you find yourself struggling to concentrate on your work, play a few hands at an online Rummy game or a Poker game table to de-stress yourself and reboot your brain.

The Format Of The Game

Some players prefer to play games for real money (Ring games, SnGs, or Multi-table tournaments) and some love to play at freeroll tables. Many of us like to create our own Poker table to play with our friends and workmates. As per the format of the game, you can figure out how much time you need to block from your routine to play and plan your day accordingly.

Bhupendra Chahar
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