How to Manage Your Anger?

Out of all the negative emotions, anger is the worst of all. You know why? Because it can become our biggest enemy ever by taking our best out of us. Whether it is in your workplace or in relationships, anger is an indispensable part. There are certain behaviors that are bound to trigger this emotion. However, more often than not, the angry person always regrets this emotion at the end of the day when he is getting a little calmer. If you want to pacify your anger, there are multiple unique ways to do so. For starters, you can start playing poker and learn how to manage your emotions. On top of it, you will even get many bonus offers for poker which will reward your calm behavior even more. However, we will get to that later.

There are various reasons why anger is the most damaging emotion ever. Some of them are –

  • It makes us biased – When we are angry at someone, we are not able to see his or her better part. We make that person the villain of our lives and pretend that they were never good to us in the past (even when they were). We also form a habit of creating mountains out of a molehill whenever we are angry. Consequently, this exaggeration leads to more anger.
  • It unleashes our ugly side – We have a good part and a bad one. When we are happy, we are often kind, polite, and understanding with other people. However, whenever we are experiencing any negative emotion, for example, anger, we often turn to our bad side, which includes, being mean, cold, and screaming at people. This side of ours is the side we never want to exhibit because it can have many damaging effects.
  • It might break relationships – When we are angry at someone, we might say things we know we should not say. And we all know that no matter how much we want, we can never take back our words. Thus, anger and angry words can even break lifelong relationships. There are instances where people get angry over little things but end up breaking the most important relationships of their lives. This is because anger can also give rise to the ego.
  • It can even get physical when it is out of control – When we are extremely angry, we lose track of our behavior. We also become a little less sane and sensible because we are unable to think in the present. We often act out of our impulses with the desire to seek instant gratification and not permanent peace. We think that causing harm to the other person will make us feel better, nothing else! So, we decide to harm them… which can also involve hitting them if it gets too ugly and extreme! Getting physical in a fight always turns ugly and leads to a lot of people paying the price for it.
  • It affects our physical being as well – When we are angry, we are obviously not very happy at that point. We know that our mind and body are connected so if we are experiencing negative emotions, our mind is signaling our body to react in the same manner when it sees danger. This is the reason when we are angry, our body also stops functioning properly. We might experience unexplained pain in some of our body parts or even have a sharp headache. We do not know to what extent can anger harm our body (it varies from person to person) but we surely know that it can cause a lot of damage in the long run.

Now that we know what anger can do, we must work in the direction of managing it because neglecting it is never an option. The more you neglect it, the more it surfaces! Thus, we must explore some ways to manage this emotion, for instance, video poker, or some other online game, relaxation techniques, etc. Let us discuss the pointers to manage our anger in detail here–

  • Stay neutral – Whether it is a moment of happiness or joy or it is a moment of sorrow or anger, we advise you to stay neutral in every situation. By neutral, we do not mean that you must not feel anything. What we mean is that respond with normal emotions – do not be too happy or sad about anything. Extreme behavior leads to extreme emotions. When we are too disappointed, we might get angrier than when we are a little less disappointed and have our expectations in check.
  • Indulge in some productive activities – You must learn to become a part of some activities that teach you how to manage your emotions. For this, you can also explore the world of gaming. Try downloading some online earn money games and you will see how you will be able to manage your emotions and be rewarded at the same time.
  • Learn the art of mindfulness – When you are mindful, you respond and not react. Thus, you do not act on your impulses. You can become more mindful by participating in various meditation and yoga activities. Being mindful simply means to be more in the present than in our past or future.
  • Feel it but do not act on it – It is okay to feel your negative emotions, in fact, you MUST feel them whenever they come but you also must understand that they will come and go but you should not react whenever they come. Their job is just to make you feel, that is it! You are not encouraged to act on your feelings in such circumstances. Thus, you should also confront your emotions or feelings but should not act on them without thinking about them in a wise manner.

Final thoughts

Even though anger is not a great emotion but it is still important to feel it. If you do not express your anger in a proper manner, you might end up suppressing it till it becomes too much and you explode with more negative emotions – all at once! However, we must handle our anger with a lot of care. As discussed in the article, we can meditate, play cash games online, or indulge in other productive activities. One silly mistake and you might end up regretting it for life.

Bhupendra Chahar
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