How To Play Poker And Redeem Your Bonus?

All you need to know about Poker and how to redeem your sign-up bonuses

If you are just learning to play poker, then you would probably be aware by now that there are different variants of the game, each as interesting as the other. The basic game rules remain the same with a few modifications, and that’s about it.

Once you sharpen your skills at poker, you can transform into a professional player. But for that to happen, you would need oodles of experience. Your best option would be to start playing the game online.

You may also want to check out the various online sites that offer poker bonus offers, as that’s a good place to get started. And if you are not sure how to reclaim or redeem these bonus offers, check out the points listed below.
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  • Poker bonuses: A few online poker sites offer bonus points for a new player signing up. Of course, you would be staking real money and purchasing coins. And if this is your first time playing at that site, it should normally offer you a signup bonus, whereas the site in question would offer you a bonus ranging from 50% to 100%. So if you were to bet INR100, the site in question would provide you with a credit of INR100 to match your stake. Apart from the signup bonus, there are a few other sites that provide you with a bonus for special poker hands, where you end up holding what is usually termed as a “straight flush”. But the conditions for such poker hands often vary from one site to the other, so make sure you check out the rules regarding this.
  • The catch: As they often say, the catch is in the details. No online poker site is just going to hand over real money to you just because you signed up on their website. Rather, sites that offer you such bonuses would often require you to play for weeks on end, before allowing you to get your hands on the cash. And as for the ‘poker hands’, the same rule would generally apply here as well. You would be required to play several rounds of poker or even the Indian version of it, “3Patti”, before you are credited with any signup bonus or poker hand bonus. Before you get all worked up, make sure you read the rules covering poker bonuses.
  • Are these bonuses worth it?: That’s a very valid question every poker player is bound to ask himself. And if you are having the same query, then you need to know that as per the rules, you would be required to play an X number of hands to claim the bonus. The websites that offered you the bonus on signing up, would still require you to play a certain number of hands, with real money. Essentially, the website is trying to make a quick buck by making you stake real money for a certain number of hands. But since you are already into playing poker, and would be playing it at one site or the other, you may as well play it on this website, since they are offering you a cash bonus. Just check out some of the current real money games in India, and you would get a better idea of the bonus they offer and the requirements that go with each.
  • Choose the best site: If you are planning to play poker online, then you need to review, research some of the top online poker sites. Check out their reviews as that should help provide you with a fair assessment of the site in question. Once you have shortlisted the top sites, make sure that they offer cash bonuses and do read the rules and regulations covering each bonus carefully.
  • Try playing at more than one table: When it comes to playing online poker, you may want to try playing at more than a single table. This should enable you to double your stake, and trim the number of hands you are required to play before you can redeem your bonus. Remember that no prize is handed out for playing by the rules. There is nothing that says that you cannot play at more than a single table at a time.

These are some of the essential points that you would need to review when it comes to reclaiming your poker bonus.


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