How to Play Polish Rummy

Polish rummy is a card game which can be played by two to four players with a deck of 52 cards. The aim is to form a sequence of these cards in the same suit such as 10 of hearts. The players can match the same type of cards as well. All these matching sets must contain at least 3 cards. The aces can be taken as either low or high.

  • Polish rummy is all about accumulating the highest points in the game. Aces are worth fifteen points. This is not applicable in a three Ace sequence. The queens, jacks, and kings are worth 10 points each. The remaining cards are worth as per their face value.
  • There must be a dealer in the game and the majority of the players must decide who he or she will be.
  • One card has to be dealt face up to each player. The lowest cardholder must deal the first hand. The second-lowest will choose his seat. The third lowest chooses the seat next to the second one. In this way, all players take their seats accordingly.
  • All cards are shuffled properly and the player to the dealer’s right needs to cut the deck.

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  • All cards must be dealt in a clockwise direction to all players. All cards except one must be kept face down till each player is dealt seven cards.
  • Player to the left of the dealer will initiate the game. He can draw a card from either the discard pile or the stockpile. If he draws from the discarded cards, then he must use the card. The player needs to discard one card at the end of his turn.
  • The discarded cards should be arranged well so that all the cards in the pile can be seen.
  • Polish rummy is played clockwise where players have the options of picking multiple cards from the discard pile. The bottom card of the pile must be part of the meld where the player gets the option to make new matches.
  • The score must be kept at all times. The game is over either when one player runs out of cards or when stock is empty.

Polish Rummy is an interesting variant of rummy. So, do not forget to give it a try!

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