How to Properly Stock up for Quarantine

With a pandemic upon us, it is time for the world to unite as one. The recent COVID-19 breakout has sent panic waves around the world. People are being held in isolation, entire nations are being put under lockdown. Schools, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, even places of worship are being shut. It is like the entire world has come to a standstill.  

In these tough times, it is very important to keep ourselves occupied. The famous proverb 

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” has never made more sense. Keep yourself invested in books, play online games like poker, exercise regularly, watch movies and/or anything that suits you. 

Staying in quarantine also means that you cannot go out shopping. It is suggested that you keep ample stock of all your necessities. But in the current scenario, what is more, important is that you keep a proper, more thoughtful approach to getting your necessities. The following are a few tips that can help.

  1. Keep a check of available items: Before going out to get your essentials, prepare a list. Jot down the required items. Then check for the things you already have at your house. Only get the things that are necessary & not already in your pantry.

  1. Have a resource spending pattern: A pandemic does not go away in a day or two. There are chances you’ll have to stay in quarantine for weeks or even months. Know how to spend your resources. Cook the perishable food items first. The same goes for non-food items as well. Spend your resources wisely.

  1. Keep information about your loved ones: Be aware, be connected. In these tough times. Ask them if they have enough stock, educate them about the spending pattern. Talk about general life & give them poker tips so they can enjoy online poker & other games to keep themselves occupied. Be each other’s mental support.

  1. Stock up non-perishable goods: Things with a longer shelf life should be kept in ample amounts. Instant noodles, pasta, canned goods, and frozen items are examples in your pantry that have a better shelf life. 

  1. You CAN go out if it becomes a necessity: It is highly advised to stay at home at all times in this time of a global pandemic. People are forced to stay at home in many parts of the world unless absolutely necessary. If you have to go out for an extremely urgent task, take all the precautions as directed by the WHO & your governments.


  1. Be thoughtful; Do not overstock: Take all your necessities while stocking up, but be wary of other people’s needs as well. Do NOT overstock. The whole world needs to get necessities. Buying 50 packets of rice preparing for a pandemic would lead to a lack of resources for other people.

  1. Feed stray animals whenever you can: Sharing is caring. In the times when there are no roadside shops, no street food carts open, no extra food in restaurants or food trucks & no humans on the street, the only source of food for these animals have vanished. Be a better human, make a little extra food whenever you can & leave it for the stray animals just outside your house. Fill water cups on your terraces for birds. Make sure we all survive this together.

Our unity is our strength. In these times, we must stay together. Keep a check of your physical as well as your mental health. Search online for new content, new games, look out for websites like Adda52 which provide an unmatchable bonus offer for poker. Keep yourself entertained & stay safe.


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