How to Sleep Better at Night?

Do you often feel cranky and irritable throughout your day? Do you keep yawning in between your work and feel confused and dizzy almost all the time? Are you apprehensive and unsure of what can cause all this behavior? Well, fret not… we know why you feel the way you do – you might want to check how you sleep every night. This might be because you are suffering from a lack of sleep or you are unable to get a sound sleep every night. Before moving on to the big question – how to sleep better at night – let us first understand the possible reasons for disturbed sleep.

It is okay to have disturbed sleep every once in a while because with a lifestyle like ours, can we really help it? However, your sleep can always be regulated in a manner that you feel more restful the next day. This can be done by relaxing your mind, which you can do if you meditate, play online money games, indulge in some outdoor sports, etc. However, some of the reasons why you might be having disturbed sleep for a prolonged period of time are –

You are stressed about something – Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, stress can have a lot of adverse effects on your body as well as your mind. When you are stressed, you release some negative hormones that result in disturbed sleep. Thus, it is advised that you practice meditation or some relaxation technique before sleeping. Moreover, there are some guided meditations too that can help you sleep at night. If nothing else works, if you know how to play poker, you can always go back to playing it so that you feel rejuvenated.

You are not sleeping in the right posture – Sometimes when you do not sleep in the right position, you might suffer from a backache or body ache. This can disturb your sleep and can also have long-term negative effects on your health. Thus, check your position and see what works best for you.

You have had too much caffeine before sleeping – Caffeine can cause a lot of disturbance in your sleep cycle. It can make you feel wide awake even in the middle of the night. Thus, it is not a great idea to consume caffeine a few hours before sleeping.

Your surroundings are not sleep-friendly – When you do not have a very ‘sleepy’ environment, you might find it hard to sleep on time. This is because you will not have any sleep setting then. For example, if there is too much light in the room, if the surroundings are too noisy, if your TV is on, etc. Thus, in order to make your surroundings more sleep-friendly, ensure that you are sleeping in a calm, cozy, and dark place.

Now that we know what are the causes of disturbed sleep, let us understand what we can do to have a better and more restful sleep. It is time to say goodbye to your late-night tossing and turning. Follow these tips and fall in love with your cozy bed all over again!

1- Sleep at the same time every day – Create a sleeping pattern for yourself. Do not sleep at 1 am one day and 3 am the next day. If you want to sleep at 11 pm every day, make sure you come to bed at least half an hour before that time. It is also important to come to your bed a little before time so you can get enough time to relax before sleeping.

2- Go for a walk a few hours before sleeping – When you exercise, stretch your body, or go for a walk at night, maybe after dinner, you are able to digest your food better. This will make you healthier and bring about a positive change in your sleeping pattern. Moreover, going for a walk means indulging in physical exercise which will tire your body and will make you go to sleep faster. Apart from this, you also need to indulge in some mental exercises. You can play some mind games, that in fact, are so rewarding once you know how to win cash by playing them. It is always a win-win situation to indulge in such games.

3- Avoid all the distractions – Switch off all your gadgets at least half an hour before going to bed. Your ambiance should be in sync with whatever you want to do. When there is too much brightness or light in your room, you might find it hard to sleep. Moreover, indulging in too much screen time right before going to sleep can lead to delayed or disturbed sleep.

4- Create a reading ritual – Reading before going to bed is a good ritual to follow. This way, you will sleep faster and become smarter – all at once! When you create a reading ritual at your bedtime, you prepare yourself to relax gradually as you enter the world of fantasies through your books. Even if you read for 5 or 10 minutes every day, it counts!

5- Avoid foods and drinks that disturb sleep – As discussed above, caffeine can be really harmful to your sleeping routine. Even different types of food can lead to delayed or disturbed sleep. If you want to eat something late at night, take a bite or two of some healthy snacks but not the food items that can make you feel wide awake at night.

6- Indulge in some meditation before sleeping – Do activities that can make you feel relaxed so you can sleep better. Meditation is a great relaxation technique that can loosen up all the stress and tension in your body. This will definitely help you sleep better. There are so many guided meditations available on the internet as well.


Everyone wants to sleep peacefully at night – who wants a disturbed sleep? Nobody, right? However, with so many people having disrupted lifestyles in today’s time, sleeping problems have become very common. Therefore, people must do something about it otherwise it can have some massive adverse effects on their health and their well-being. This article mentions a few effective tips so we can sleep better at night. One of the unique tips that this article talks about is playing online games if you know how to play card games and if you understand their basic concepts, such as poker ranking, poker set, etc., you will feel more relaxed to sleep at night. However, it takes a lot of determination and effort to follow these tips. Once you make them a part of your routine, you will notice how your life will change for good. It is about time you fall in love with sleeping restfully!


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