Indian Poker League is Here!

Poker lovers! Here comes the biggest poker news of the year! India’s largest poker site has just launched Indian Poker League – a league for poker players in India.
It’s starting from tomorrow, so all the registered players of rush to make a minimum deposit of Rs. 5,000 and above to be a part of one of the following four poker teams:

night-ridersNight Riders – The epitome of poker players who are at their best at night and prefer the fast action. This is depicted by midnight blue and black colors to show the energy and verve of the players. To become part of this team, deposit anywhere from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 9999.

bombay_indiesBombay Indies – The non-conformists, the independent soul, the artist are the ones who belong to this team. The unique combination of purple and brown is as unique as the player of this team, all you need to do is deposit Rs.10,000 – Rs. 19,999.

daredevilsDaredevils – With perfectly set red horns on the devil, this ‘risk-taker’ team signifies strength and fierceness towards their target to be achieved. Completely goal oriented and with the eye towards the prize, this team takes players who deposit between Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 49,999.

super-kingsSuper Kings – This ‘royal’ team represented by the crown in green and yellow stands for power and sovereignty and is set to rule the poker world. The Kings are calling for you and your deposit of Rs. 50,000 and above can land you in this power packed group.

Once the players make the deposit and become part of their respective team, they need to play cash games to accumulate loyalty points. Loyalty Points earned from 12:00 am on 9th Apr till 11:00 am on 29th Apr and on cash tables 25/50 and above will be considered. The player who earns the highest loyalty points in his team will be entitled for following winning amount*:

Team Name Bonus Code Minimum Deposit Deposit Range Winning Amount*
1 Super Kings WINIPL 50000 50,000 & Above 350000
2 Bombay Indies 20000 20,000 – 49,999 180000
3 Daredevils 10000 10,000 -19,999 100000
4 Night Riders 5000 5,000 -9999 50000
*Highest Loyalty earned between 9th Apr to 29th Apr

There is another good news for the Super Kings. The top players from the team will get an International Poker Tournament Package worth Rs. 1 Lac.

Thats not all, there is another 1 lac up for grabs. A finale tournament will take place on 30th Apr and only an exclusive set of 64 league participants will be given an entry ticket. Top 16 players from team with the highest loyalty points will enter and the team which will score the highest cummulative score will be awarded with this 1 Lac prize.

The Indian Poker League is definitely set to change the way poker is played in India and cash on the poker craze as it is going to be rewarding and exciting. has once again brought a game changer and evolved the face of poker in India.


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