Indian Rummy Card Game

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June 5th, 2015 09:06

Indian Rummy, a variation of Rummy card game, is very popular in India, especially in the state of Maharashtra. It is a pastime enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The game play is simple. The player to the dealer’s right plays first, and play continues counter-clockwise. Each player picks up either the top card of the face up discard pile or the top card of the face down stack. After picking up, the player must discard one card face up on top of the discard pile. If a player chooses to take the top card of the discard pile, that card cannot be discarded in the same turn. So, the player must discard a different card.

Indian RummyThe play continues until a player, after picking up a card, has 13 cards that form valid combinations. In this case the player discards the 14th card and declares ‘Rummy’, placing the 13 cards face up to show that they form the required runs and sets, and winning the game.

No runs or sets are laid out during the play. In Indian Rummy, players keep all their cards hidden from the other players until a player is able to win.

If there are no cards remaining in the stack and no one has declared Rummy by the end of the turn in which the last stock card was taken, the game is void and no one wins.

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