Interview : Winners of First ‘Gateway to World Poker Tour’ Promotion

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1.Hello, Alok Brewer (APB1989) / Abhishek Goindi (pomfret1989)! Thank your for having a conversation with Adda52. Congratulations on winning the ‘Gateway to World Poker Tour’. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker? Or your poker journey till date…

Alok: I started playing poker three years ago. I started playing live poker specially high-stakes home games in Ahmedabad. I also participated in IPC last year, and made to two of the final tables, and played against some of the prominent poker players like Sahil Agarwal, Aditya Sushant, and Abhishek Rathore.

Abhishek: It was 9 years back when I started playing poker. During that time I was in high school and was introduced to poker by my friends. Later when in college, I used to play home poker games and also used to visit poker clubs in the town. After college, I joined a job but later changed course and started playing poker professionally from 2009 to 2014.

2.How do you feel right now – excited, intimidated, terrified?

Alok: I am feeling excited and it would be the first time that I would be going to London and that too to play World Poker Tournament.
Abhishek: I am very excited, and champing at the bit for WPT.

3.How did you qualify for the ‘Gateway to World Poker Tour’ Promotion?

Alok: I made direct entry to the tournament by paying an entry fee of Rs. 3500.
Abhishek: I paid an entry fee to enter this satellite tournament. Though the competition was tough, but I kept patience and managed to stay ahead all the time.

4.Have you ever played at international level tournaments like APT, EPT, etc.?

Alok: No, this would be my first international tournament. I have grown up watching WPT and have always wanted to play it at least once in my lifetime. I have even watched all the seasons of WPT and have stored them on my PC’s hard disk.
Abhishek: Yes, I have played poker tournaments at international level, to name a few are MPC, APPT- Cebu, APT- Manila, etc. However, I have yet to win any WPT event.

5.What do you prefer more – tournament games or cash games?

Alok: Though tournaments offer name and fame, I prefer playing more of cash games over tournaments.
Abhishek: I am a cash game player and usually play less of tournaments. I play more of online poker games than live games because I can play anytime and choose my preferred stakes accordingly.

6.How do you keep yourself focused during long tournaments?

Alok: To keep myself focused during the long tournaments, I make sure that I sleep for 8-10 hours. I prefer eating light food and always keep Red Bull handy when playing live poker games. Moreover, I think patience is the key to success in poker tournaments as it helps to overcome bad beats. This helps you to plan and strategize and adjust your gameplay accordingly.
Abhishek: I always have a good night sleep before playing any tournaments. I eat fruits and drink a lot of water during tournaments to keep myself hydrated. During breaks, I don’t get involve in discussions so that I don’t get distracted.

7.Who do you idolize or who are your favored poker players?

Alok: My favorite poker player is the German poker pro Fedor Rolz. He is the one I look up to.
Abhishek: My favorite poker player is Phil Ivey, and I idolize Daniel Negreanu. I like his ‘off the game’ work ethics, have watched all his poker shows and read all his poker books.

8.What are your hobbies off the poker felt?

Alok: Other than playing poker, I like to travel and listen to music.
Abhishek: Apart from playing poker, I love to play basket ball and football. Moreover, I watch a lot of sports channels and like to hangout with friends.

9.How do you balance personal life with playing poker? Does your family support you playing poker?

Alok: I am a recreational poker player, so I usually play poker during my free time. I run a construction and real estate business in Ahmedabad.
Abhishek: I maintain work-life balance by playing poker at night and working in the morning. My family supports poker.

10.Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve game playing experience for poker players or online game lobby?

Alok: I like playing on as its gaming software is quite different and better than other Indian poker sites, and customer care team is also great.
Abhishek: Though Adda52 has improved their gaming software a lot, but it still needs to be reformed a lot. Multi-tabling is a bit harder, and downloaded client file and the mobile app should be available for Apple devices.

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