Interview with Abhineet Jain – Winner of WPTN- Cambodia Package Satellite

Q: Hi Abhineet , thanks for your time to talk to us. First of all, congratulations on winning the WPTN- Cambodia package satellite. How are you felling now?

A: I am pretty happy with my performance as the field was tough with some of the best tournament players of the country fighting it out for the first position. During the game, I followed the tight aggressive strategy throughout, and did get lucky in a multi-way preflop all in but that’s part of the game.

Q: How has been 2016 at the online poker felt?

A: This year has been sort of a breakthrough year in terms of online poker. I shipped almost every satellite I played and done very well in online cash games on almost all sites.

Q: traveledTell us about your game-play experience on For how long have you been playing on our site?

A: It has been almost 3 years that I have been playing on Adda52 and the experience has been great. The site hosts the biggest online cash games in the country and provides a platform for all kinds of players to showcase their skills, be it tournaments or cash.

Q: Is it your first international poker trip? How often do you play live poker?

A: Not at all. Earlier,travelled to Las Vegas, China and United Kingdom – courtesy Adda52. I don’t play live poker at all. Its only when I travel for tournaments that I play few cash games along with some side events.

Q: Finally, what are your poker goals for the year 2017?

A: I have set the following goals for the year 2017:

  1. Improve my win-rate
  2. Win at least 2 major tournaments online & live
  3. Travel to at least 4 new countries
  4. Learn a new game
  5. Train at least 2 players to achieve their online poker goals
  6. Learn swimming and a new language

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