Is Work From Home A New Normal For India?

All of us are experiencing an unforeseen situation right now. We have been perusing a ton of news about social distancing, lockdown, working from home, and isolation, etc. going on as of now because of the lethal infection – COVID19. This is a Global issue going on nowadays when almost 186 nations are encountering the Quarantine time, a total Lockdown. However, we ought to comprehend this is an isolated time and not a vacation wherein people are still working, but from their homes only. As social distancing is a must these days due to the fear of virus spread, the physical space in the office is losing its role slowly, and working from home has picked up the light. There are always some pros and cons to both – be it traveling to the office or working from home. While working from home can be beneficial in a way that it reduces the travel time and saves time and energy to be more productive but it has also caused the employees to work for uncertain hours, long calls, no routine and ultimately working for the entire day. But, the question is “Is this is a new normal for all of us?” Well, the answer to this question is also uncertain until we get the vaccination done.

Working from home or changing the platform from physical mode to digital has been proved beneficial for some, such as the online strategy games industry. These gaming companies deal in online cash earning games and hence touched a boom during this covid situation. People are at home and investing a lot of time playing such recreational games. While on the other hand, working from home has also resulted in a downfall for a few companies such as export houses.

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A crisis is painful, uncomfortable and it disrupts our lives in so many ways. There is nothing pleasant about the nemesis of the world economy that turns into financial troubles. However, ‘crisis is composed of two characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity’ says John Kennedy. There is a potential upside to every crisis. You cannot control how the media covers the ongoing crisis of Corona but you surely can control your reaction and response to it. The mind plays a major role in healing from any disease so as in Corona.

Let’s unwrap a few activities to be busy with while we are at home. Here’s what you can do while working from home.


Social distancing can help in developing your creative space. You can write a book, record an album, make sketches, etc. Social distancing will provide you with an opportunity to awaken your creative soul. You can also explore some “online earn money games” on Google. You will find multiple options for such games as the internet is filled with such things. To start you can also get many offers and bonuses on their websites themselves. You just have to type in the google search bar “Instant Bonus Poker” and you will get a list full of such websites offering a free bonus as instant cash to start the gameplay.


Every person when faced with hard times will go through the habitual reaction of, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ instead of this, you should reflect on ‘why is this happening for me?’ This will provide you to know your true inner self and the improvement techniques.


We get ample time for ourselves during our work from home routines, as the situation has given all of us a chance to blow down which is not something we do generally. We are always caught up in the chaos of routine work while visiting the office during normal working days. Hence, it is the time to breathe and Meditate to know your true self. This will relax your mind and body.


It is time to stop texting and start connecting with loved ones over a video call and a cup of coffee. Ironically, social distancing is creating deeper bonds between friends and family members who stay together.


There are a lot of people out there who need help. Just because we can’t go out, doesn’t mean we can’t contribute similarly. The elderly might need someone to have communication with since they are the most vulnerable during these situations. Parents can homeschool their children during such times. 

Maybe the coronavirus is teaching us how to be human again. Make this phase of your life into a story of hope for future generations. 

  • Reproduce YOURSELF 

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  • Snags Vs Opportunities 

You can either quantify this situation as a snag or as a chance to change affliction into a bit of leeway. 

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As COVID-19 started entering the public awareness, numerous organizations chose to let a large portion of their representatives telecommute in any event seven days before the cross country lockdown initiated on March 25. To remain on the ball, some even led daylong preliminaries and permitted a cradle of a few days so that issues relating to the accessibility of business-related information, network, and foundation could be distinguished.

In a pre-COVID-19 era, chiefs and supervisors had consistently seen WFH with some level of distrust, for different reasons. Notwithstanding, the most recent two months have given analysis to the training, and now mentalities have changed.

Coronavirus has made a huge disturbance to the working environment. “First up, there will be attention to cleanliness. Associations have just begun setting up guidelines for that. Furthermore, we will see a great deal of liberality about telecommuting or distant areas. Over the long haul, there will be a blend of WFH and working at a spot where individuals can truly meet up. 

And still, after all that, experts trust a re-visitation of their work environments won’t be excessively long coming. The non-accessibility of homegrown assistance to oversee family unit tasks has additionally bothered the abhorrence towards telecommuting. Most feel that WFH should be all the more an adaptable choice going ahead, as the environment at work — discussions and quick rests with partners for the day — is a significant factor for work fulfillment and efficiency.

Even though lockdown rules are being loose in India, it very well may be a long time before the desk areas are brought together with their tenants. In most corporate workplaces, the working environment has been epitomized by seeing representatives bunched together. Yet, the pandemic has incited firms to contemplate adjusting to the ‘new normal’.

Another ordinary reality for experts across significant Indian urban communities is driving to work. While the Center and State governments have examined the proposition to continue public vehicles with exacting consistency with social distancing standards, many feel that basically may not work given how thickly populated these urban areas are.

As of now, the dread of the infection overwhelms the yearning for desk areas. The individuals who cover significant stretches to their working environments in metropolitan urban areas wish to proceed with WFH until the disease rate diminishes. 

Yet, a re-visitation of the work environment of pre-COVID-19 days appears to be incomprehensible.”The current model of work that considers physical to be in the working environment as a significant condition and measure for execution and prizes has begun dissipating. Work must be reconsidered with the goal that it very well may be fitted into individuals’ homes. That would require a creative mind and exertion.”

Staying safe and working from home even with the workload is the best choice for now as the virus is spreading dangerously. 

Stay Safe!

Bhupendra Chahar
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