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Diwali – the Festival of Lights – is regarded as the most colourful and bright festival of India. This festival of Diwali symbolizes the victory of righteousness over the spiritual darkness. This festival signifies unity and strength and so it is celebrated with everybody – family, friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues. On the day of Diwali, the divine body Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped because she symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Diwali Celebrations have already begun. During this time of the year, everybody is busy making arrangements for the Diwali Party which can be in any form – luncheon, coffee-klatch or communal gathering. And the key attraction in these parties is the card games – as this season is the best time to play card games like poker, rummy and teen patti in India.

This time of the year when the festive fun never comes to an end, why not host a poker theme party at your place. Yes, for a Diwali night full of fun and entertainment, host a poker party for your family and friends. Let’s explore how to get the perfect ambience for your poker night.

First, you need to decide the day and time to host your party during the festive season because people are usually busy on weekends and then very busy on Mondays. Then the best day available to host a party is Thursday or a Friday as it leads to weekend and can get everyone excited about the party. While deciding the number of guests to be invited don’t forget to include poker enthusiasts because this party is especially for them. Further, set the budget for the party and start planning.

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Before starting wholesome preparations, send the invitations. It’s better to use an old deck of cards or artificial currency notes to send invites to the guests for the poker party. Replies or return calls to these invitations will give you the number of guests who would be attending the party.

Now comes the most important element of the party – the decoration work. To start with, focus on embellishments as your home party should express ‘it’s all about poker’. Get that glassware and tableware with playing card designs from the local market. Make a poker-theme container to hold chips, cards, bars and chocolates – you can involve the kids at your place as they can add their own creative twist. Buy balloons in red and black colour and include casino flavoured hangings and Rupee Pennant banners for a grand look. What about the poker table, the key ingredient of this theme party? So what if you don’t have a poker table at home. You can shop for table runners of poker design and place it on your tables. Last but not the least, buy decks of cards, poker chips, poker face masks and hand bands from the wholesale market as they will be needed in large number. Lighten the entrance and outside area of your house with LED lights and flowers, and place LED Diyas at every hook and corner of the home. Music is a secret party mood enhancer. Punjabi and Bollywood rock beats playing in the background and scented candles on the tables will definitely set an aura.

Now you need to decide on food and drinks. It is always better to serve light drinks like cocktails, fruit beer or white wine. Finger foods serve as saviour food for such parties. So, prepare light snacks like mini-sandwiches or mini burgers, some chips with different types of sauces, nuts and practically any type of fried food will be a hit. Such recipes take less time to cook and gives you more time to socialize with guests. Don’t forget to keep catchy poker treats like suit-shaped chocolates and candy bars designed like poker chips, and make sure they are within reach of guests. Remember to include traditional sweets like kheer, Gulab Jamun, rasgulla, etc., after all, it’s Diwali.

Get your poker face in place, and make sure you are well-equipped with the rules of poker, and poker lingo like a full house, casino night, shark, fish, etc. Prepare the poker board or banner to display the buy-ins and blind levels, and look out for people who can serve as dealers.

Diwali is incomplete without gifts. For gifting, you can choose between silver currency note or dry fruit gift packs. You can conclude the celebrations with a hand-made card saying “Thank You! Happy Diwali!” What are you thinking of? Go and host a poker party this Diwali season.


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