Kalooki 40 Rummy Strategy and Tips

To play kalooki 40 rummy card game the strategy you should use must be sophisticated because each move can affect the outcome of the game. Like most card games this one too involves a lot of strategy and skill and with a little luck you might as well be a winner. The dynamics of the game is such that any player’s next move can change the entire direction of the others. We do not have a pat formula that you can use to win but we have put together some of the tips we have learned and a few of the strategies used by master players.

Drawing – Sounds simple enough, just pick up a card. That is the easy part now there are a few things you should consider before you reach for a card because your move tells so much about your game to everyone present at the table. When the round is new you want to try to steer clear of picking up from the discard. Everyone sees what you take and this tells them what you may be looking for. You can beat if its in their hand & they will find a way to stall playing that card.

Discarding – Another deceptively simple term. What you discard can also be a tell tale sign of what you have in your hand and what direction you are leaning toward. You want to confuse the other players so that they inadvertently give you what you need.

Alertness – If there is a key to winning it would involve learning to focus and remember. Remaining alert while others are taking their turns can easily win or lose a game for you. You have to notice who played what and when. A lot of players get stuck with melds that cannot be completed because the card is already in the discard pile. If the round has been going for some time and you notice that a particular player has taken several cards that are needed to make a sequence then you need to start thinking that he may meld out and if you have high cards now is the time to relieve yourself of them.

Discard pile – As was said before this pile has to be monitored knowing what was tossed early on could make a difference. Remember when trying to meld you can only use what was played last on the discard pile the rest is deadwood. If you have a possible meld and the card you need is played by a player that you are not playing behind you need to get rid of those dead cards.

Game over – When you go “Kalooki” it is a really big gamble. You have to be fairly certain your chances of getting caught are miniscule. If you go out and another player can catch you, you will have to add up all your points as penalty and there are extra points just for getting caught.

These are not hard and fast rules; these are strategies and tips that winners use everyday.

FAQ: Will I win every hand after following the above strategies?
ANS: Probably not but it may help you rank better and eventually come out the winner.


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