Learn The Basics of TEXAS HOLD’EM in 5 minutes!

Learn The Basics of TEXAS HOLD’EM in 5 minutes!

Learn to Play Texas Hold’em Video
In Texas Holdem Poker the objective is to Win the Pot. A player can win either by creating the best 5-card combination as per the hand ranking rules or by making every other player fold before the showdown.

The game starts with placing the dealer button which determines from where the bets will begin. The first player right next to the Dealer Button has to deposit the Small Blind & the second next player has to deposit the Big Blind (double the amount of Small Blind).

Now each participant receives two cards face down which are called Hole cards.
The players need to keep these cards hidden from each other untill the final showdown.

The Players can start playing by taking the following actions:

  • to match the previous bet Amount
  • to put all your chips in the Pot
  • to discard the hole cards and  wait for the next hand
  • to carry on without contributing any chips into the pot. This option is available only for the betting rounds after the Flop.
  • to increase the previous bet amount

After the Hole cards are dealt, the betting rounds begin. There are four rounds of betting :

the dealer reveals 5 community cards during the betting rounds.

PREFLOP – This is the round before community cards are shown.

FLOP – First 3 community cards are shown up on the table.

TURN – The 4th community card is revealed.

RIVER – The last 5th card is shown up.

Players act on their turn in every betting round, as per the strength of their hole cards and hand. If you believe that your cards are good enough to form the best hand, you can continue betting till the showdown. If at any point during the game, you feel that your opponent has a stronger hand then you can fold your cards. When you quit, the amount that you have already contributed to the pot stays in the pot for the winning player. A player gets eliminated when they lose all their chips


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