Lifestyle of a Professional Poker Player- An Overview

Poker is a fun game of cards that gaining a huge popularity in India. Playing poker sounds very exciting but it does require hard work, experience and skills to succeed. While anyone can become a professional poker player, there are always hard times and setbacks on your poker journey. Just remember, poker is a long term game wherein you will get rewarded if you don’t give up and continue working hard. The beauty of this game is that there is no such thing as overworked and even underpaid in the professional poker. You get what you put into it. It always rewards you for your the hard work and skills.

The best part of playing poker professionally is the fact that you can sleep in every day, hang out with your friends at night and do whatever you want. In a way, it gives you the much-needed flexibility and freedom, besides giving you enough money to lead a good and free lifestyle. However, if you really want to make it to big in the poker world, you will have to take the game very seriously and play everyday. There will be days when you would lose money and again there will be days when you would win big bucks. To succeed and earn money from poker, you will have to take it from just a hobby to a pure profession.

Poker may sound easy for many, but it is not that way. It is a tough journey wherein you need to put in all efforts to improve your game and finally taste success. Let me narrate the story of my friend who recently took up poker professionally. He holds the real inspiration needed for the game. He is so excited about his journey. Every day, he spends hours on his laptop playing poker. Once he is done with poker, he then takes up time to review hands and discusses them with his friends. What is more- he reads almost every good poker book coming his way and tries his best to learn the tricks of his trade.

On lunch break at work, he rushes to his car and reads something on poker. Back from work, he plays poker a few hours at home. I love his passion and dedication, which is something that motivates him as well as others around him. Even though he is not making huge money as of now, but he is gradually moving up in his new career. Recently, he shipped a couple of big money online poker tournaments. So, it takes lots of work in poker to earn money but it does not feel like a boring job. It is always something interesting which you can enjoy during any time of the day and night. You can play from the comfort of your home or office. You can also enjoy poker on the go in a bus or train.

Final Words
If you are looking to start a career in poker, you can start with freeroll tournaments on some India’s leading sites like Once you gain skills and a bit of confidence, you can try your hand at some low buy-in games and gradually move up to high or medium stake games, if you start making consistent profits. Remember, bankroll management in poker holds the most value. Always select games and tournaments as per your bankroll. For example, if you have Rs. 100 rupees in your account, play only Rs. 10 buy-in tourneys. While you play poker, your bankroll will go up and down, which may add extra stress and frustration. Don’t ever get frustrated and continue to set goals and plan strategies to achieve them for daily grinds.

In poker, make sure you have good poker friends who know the game better than you. Your friends will give you a better advice about specific hands and overall playing styles. One amazing skill in poker is to have emotional control. It is an essential skill which you should apply when playing daily. Besides, read some useful books and watch videos of the successful poker players. Every week analyze your stats across various games and tournaments and see where you stand in terms of profit and loss. This will help you to judge how successful you are. If possible get some good poker coaching. Currently, there are many coaches in India who can help to get better at the game.
If you are serious about professional poker, there are plenty of poker online poker rooms in India. However, is by far the best poker site where all types of poker players, irrespective of their ability, bankroll and age, can find good value-for-money tournaments and games to win money online.


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